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Duration: 03:45
Uploaded: 2013/08/22

Elton John's 'The Diving Board' produced by T Bone Burnett

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Music video by Elton John performing Home Again. (c) Virgin EMI


2 years ago

valter de benetti


2 years ago

Gerardo garcia

Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

2 years ago

LilŸ Mustang Sea

1 , 2 , 3 miLLions . . . .ÜniVerse cÖnnectiÖn

2 years ago

Катя Болтон

Очень великолепные песни у замечательного композитора и исполнителя своих песен Гениального Элтона Джона!!! Слов не хватит, насколько я восхищена его творчеством!!!))))

3 years ago

ragione di vita


3 years ago

Michael Labine

Hello Sir Elton John fans,I'm interested in an Elton John song I heard only once but I know it was him, I don't know the name of the song, but it had the word "Gay" in it. I know Sir Elton John is gay so a lot of his songs might reflect that, but if you know the song I am talking about, where it definitely has the word "Gay" in the lyrics, I really would appreciate it.I want to hear the song again.With Many Thanks :-)

3 years ago

Phil Williams

He writes good music but the guy is an asshole

3 years ago

Valentino Marano

Again ...ritorno a casa, ma è l'ultima volta che ci provo...

3 years ago

Gary Steadman


3 years ago


What are this stones at 1:19?

3 years ago

Don't knock the rock

I've been an Elton fan since 1972 and I must say this is one of his best ever. 

3 years ago

stjarna t

One of the best songs from Elton in a long time imo.

3 years ago

Will O

If one can compose a song like One More Arrow in bad times. Good gracious ....Nothing better. 

3 years ago

Will O

I have every Elton John record from Empty Sky to The Diving Board. The Diving Board is not his worst record, but close. It's dreadfully boring and somewhat depressing. There are no hidden gems such as All Quiet on the Western Front, One More Arrow, And The House Fell Down, The Fox (entire record is underrated), Sartorial Eloquence, Answer in the Sky, Dark Diamond, Amneris' Letter (performed by Shania Twain), Cold, Runaway Train, Amazes Me, Hoop of Fire (yes from Leather Jackets), and Shoot Down The Moon.These are just a VERY few of the beautiful songs that made so many of his records great. I left out the 1970's for brevity.I love Elton John's music but I hope on his next record he teams up again with the producer of Songs from The West Coast or Made in England. 

3 years ago


Linda musica :)

3 years ago

özlem turan

Toplayin bavullari 

3 years ago

Cupcakequeen Herod

love it 

3 years ago

Ильсур Мирасов

Манефа Ленина?

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