Ellie Goulding - Something In The Way You Move (Fan Dance Lyric Video) video free download

Duration: 03:58
Uploaded: 2015/10/09

Get SOMETHING IN THE WAY YOU MOVE straight away when you pre-order DELIRIUM on iTunes: http://ell.li/DELIRIUMiTyt

Brand new album DELIRIUM out November 6, including the new single ON MY MIND.

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1 year ago

Mirian da Merykai

de mais. musica lindáaaaa

1 year ago

Jacquie Music Official

Excelent ❤️

1 year ago

Johnny Gâchette

The blond with the straight fringe is really ugly yet so cool. Disturbing :O

1 year ago


likeso good happy

1 year ago

David Silva

Ellie Goulding you complet me,fan, I AM brazilian Manaus

1 year ago

Maurício Dantas Filho

When a artist is going to release a new album I never expect the new songs to be the same as the old recordbecause I know that people change as their music change too the only thing I expect from a singer that I like is that the new songs be good as usual or even better than usual they need to be free in their job that freedom in art that result into legendary and original stuffs so go Ellie!show us this new era im lovin it

1 year ago

Krusha Mae

I am 100% sure you can mash up this chorus with the chorus of Love Me Like You Do

1 year ago

Pavel P

this got nothing on JB's "Sorry" dance video!

1 year ago

Dyyll Dilan

the guy with sunglasses reminds me of zion.t :D

1 year ago

Lenka Křivánková

The guy with the broom :) cool fan video!

1 year ago

Thiago Dos Santos EG

ellie linda música.

1 year ago

jamal ifill

Just love that voice

1 year ago

Alexander White

Hey, what's up? Phenomenal! dangerous shade What's your opinion about this !!!

1 year ago

Emmanuelle Rodrigues

Adoreii!! ♥

1 year ago

Jacobo Nissim Urselay Casas

I love this song \(w)/

1 year ago

Mounir Belaidouni

(•_•)<) )╯ 'Cause I just wanna copy and paste / \ (•_•)<( (> copy and paste / \ (•_•) (•_•) <) (> uh <) (> huh / \ / \

1 year ago

K.A.B entertainment

ooohboy 666 dislikes antichrist shit

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