Ella Fitzgerald & Duke Ellington orch. - Sweet Georgia Brown video free download

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Ella at Duke's Place - The Duke Ellington Orchestra with the Jimmy Jones trio - 1966

Sweet Georgia Brown (1925) by Ben Bernie & Maceo Pinkard (music) and Kenneth Casey (lyrics).

Interpolations of Sweet Georgia Brown :

bridge of Caravan (Tizol, Ellington)

Dig (Miles Davis)

Sweet Clifford (Clifford Brown)

Bright Mississippi (Thelonious Monk)


3 years ago

Joan Nilson

Just phenomenal!! No one can do this today! What a talent!! Ella the Great!! Thanks so for posting this.

3 years ago

Luís Carlos Silva Eiras

Ainda bem que não entendo a letra. Senão ia ficar muito chocado. 

3 years ago

Eli Bender

Who's playing that trumpet?

3 years ago


The first lady of song. 

3 years ago

Tania Tostes

Simplesmente demais!!!!

3 years ago

Corinna Jäger

I totally missed out on this.

3 years ago

Jena Honeysnow

Thank you Ella Fitzgerald my dear!

3 years ago

Danika Vrede

There'll never be a better singer. . .ever. No one can top Ella. That doesn't mean we all shouldn't try, of course. 

3 years ago


This was the reason that I was given the name I was given. Love this song x)

4 years ago

mike brown

17 Ap/15: This song was uploaded 4 years & 10 months ago and ONLY 33 comments!! Unbelievable.:

4 years ago


Thank you SO MUCH for this!

4 years ago

Kevin Jaskolka

Love! It appears that she also buys clothes at fashion shows for one dollar down....

4 years ago

Louis Phillipe

The best version!

4 years ago

maria paz galan

Ella Fitzgerald & Duke Ellington orch. - Sweet Georgia Brownbaila esa voz sin pensar..hermosa.

4 years ago

Maddie-lou Garnier

I like this

4 years ago

Hamlet Amnesico Perdido

Ella&Duke. Disfrutar. 

5 years ago

Greg Makamian

This is the shit right here!

5 years ago

Olga Gieszczykiewicz

love this

5 years ago

Stacey Israel Owen

This woman is so amazing one of my Favorites!

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