Ella Fitzgerald and Tom Jones - Sunny (Live 1970) video free download

Duration: 02:56
Uploaded: 2008/12/07

Ella Fitzgerald and Tom Jones performing "Sunny". Words are not enough to describe Ella's talent.


2 years ago

soundtrack of my life

Oke, das Jahr ist noch nicht vorbei, aber bisher muss ich sagen, läuft es mörderfantastico. - Traumwohnung in Traumlage zu Traumpreis bekommen und mit Traummann und der kleinen Sonne bald bezugsfertig m. - schön wenn alles einfach mal einfach ist. :) - Kuss an alle. 

2 years ago


This is just priceless. Two of my all time favorite singers.

2 years ago

Olga Gridneva

Ella Fitzgerald and Tom JonesSunny!!!!!!1

3 years ago

John M

Tom Jones at his peak, and Ella who can sing anything with anybody, make for the perfect twosome in this number. Just GREAT!

3 years ago

santi ramos

curiosidad para amantes de la musica

3 years ago


.. ..

3 years ago

lady s

Ella Fitzgerald & Tom Jones "Sunny "(Live 1970)

3 years ago


Smooth as room tempbutter......

3 years ago


Whew! If this doesn't make you dance!!! Love it :)

3 years ago

Nadia Riva

Quel talent! 

3 years ago

Catherine Faidherbe

super ! Merci

3 years ago



3 years ago


love it! has punch!

3 years ago

Gustavo Weckesser

Thank you for sharing this jewel. Direct to my HDD!!! (with your permission).

3 years ago



3 years ago


Oh my goodness. This is actually beautiful. It's edgy. I like it. It doesn't really sound dated. It's so current. This is so amazing. This is my first time listening to this and I love it.

3 years ago

Isabelle Frost

We sure can tell, these two were having a ball together !!!

3 years ago

Isabelle M

Ella Fitzgerald and Tom Jones - Sunny

3 years ago

Merih Marzari


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