Dwight Yoakam - "Sloop John B" (The Beach Boys cover) captured in The Live Room video free download

Duration: 05:45
Uploaded: 2012/11/02

Dwight Yoakam performs a cover of "Sloop John B" by The Beach Boys in an exclusive recording session live in the legendary Studio One at EASTWEST STUDIOS in Hollywood, CA for The Live Room on The Warner Sound.

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Executive Producer

Phil Botti


Michael Thelin

Recorded & Mixed by

Marc Desisto


Steven Pierce

Captured live at EASTWEST STUDIOS

Hollywood, CA

The Live Room with Dwight Yoakam was captured exclusively with Nikon D4 HD-SLRs camera and NIKKOR lenses.

The Live Room is an exclusive Warner Sound original series that captures today's most innovative artists performing live recording sessions in the most iconic recording studios across America.

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2 years ago

N Byrn

What's with his little hiccups when he is singing? Broke er hup

2 years ago

John Wallace

Dwight does a Great version of this song. It sounds awesome in this setting.

2 years ago


That finish with the 'vihuela' and guitar duet, magical.

2 years ago

Eric Larreau

WHOA... YES!!!

2 years ago

Nancy Gray Barrow

We come on the sloop John BMy grandfather and meAround Nassau town we did roamDrinking all nightGot into a fightWell I feel so broke upI want to go homeSo hoist up the John B's sailSee how the mainsail setsCall for the Captain ashoreLet me go home, let me go homeI wanna go home, yeah yeahWell I feel so broke upI wanna go homeThe first mate he got drunkAnd broke in the Cap'n's trunkThe constable had to come and take him awaySheriff John StoneWhy don't you leave me alone, yeah yeahWell I feel so broke up I wanna go homeSo hoist up the John B's sailSee how the mainsail setsCall for the Captain ashoreLet me go home, let me go homeI wanna go home, let me go homeWhy don't you let me go home(Hoist up the John B's sail)Hoist up the John BI feel so broke up I wanna go homeLet me go homeThe poor cook he caught the fitsAnd threw away all my gritsAnd then he took and he ate up all of my cornLet me go homeWhy don't they let me go homeThis is the worst trip I've ever been onSo hoist up the John B's sailSee how the mainsail setsCall for the Captain ashoreLet me go home, let me go homeI wanna go home, let me go homeWhy don't you let me go hom

2 years ago

Joe G

Everybody wants to go home but its not there anymore. That time and place will never be again. A place doesn't make a home; the time and people do. Glad I got to live through it. Goodbye America. It was good while it lasted.

2 years ago

Ralph Flores

Very Good! Love this Joyful Rendition.

2 years ago

John Caputo

Great cover...with a few adjustments, it could be a full on zydeco romp and stomp

3 years ago



3 years ago


"Sloop John B" was not "by The Beach Boys..." It is a traditional folk song that, I'm fairly certain, comes out of the West Indies. The Beach Boys just happened to cover it. I really like how the song begins with Dwight Yoakam alone on his Martin D-28 Standard. Not easy to play that well while singing. Beautiful! as is all that Dwight Yoakam performs.

3 years ago


Beautiful song and your voice.

3 years ago

jonny begoode

Great version

3 years ago

Allan Ostermann

Hands down, my second favorite country and ROCK singer ever. And a damn good actor. Johnny Cash is Number One, tied with Hank Sr.

3 years ago


The first time I heard this cover of Sloop John B I LOVED it.It is one of my favourite Beach Boys tracks and this cover exceeds all expectations.Dwight is an awesome singer/ musician.Apart from his exceptional covers(Train in Vain by the Clash one eg) his songs are pure magic and you get the drift of just how good he is.He's country and so much more;the raw and incredible natural talent he has helped shake the foundations of country and breathe fresh air into the established view of country Effortless and pure heart is this singer and he deserves his Star on the Walk of Fame.Johnny Cash called him his favourite modern country artist and I agree. Thanks for uploading this incredible performance.Go Dwight.You're fantastic in every sense of the word;anyone lucky enough to see you live will never forget the music hit.

3 years ago


As a fan of the beach boys, this. is. the. best. cover. of. that. song. Did not care for the others. But if you hate this beautiful version (my favorite) then you're just here to stir shit up. Instruments are great along with the awesome harmonies. 

3 years ago

Robbin Stout

Looking for songs to make a Playlist for my grandpa's funeral. Iv always love dewight and we don't want sad songs but songs that are upbeat and that are a reminder of my grandpa who's name is John B. ManchesterHe was in his younger years a roudy out going drinking man who loved life and was a little bit gypsy. I never heard this song until today lol. I think it's going on the Playlist. ♡

3 years ago

Kathy Green

Dwight can sing anything and make it better! This man has so much talent and he just keeps getting better and better. Love this!

3 years ago

Jack D. Ripper

Worst. Cover. Ever.

3 years ago


Every Beach Boy cover is great less that no talent POS Mike love..

3 years ago

Leon L

Columbus, OH product!

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