Drake - Obey Your Thirst (Episode 1) video free download

Duration: 03:44
Uploaded: 2015/06/24

Drake is a superstar—the only guy who could dethrone Taylor Swift on the charts with a mixtape. In a rare interview, he spoke with The FADER.

Coming up in Toronto, people told Drake to move to New York if he was serious about making it. Instead, he stayed where he was and made history by proving that if you’re a truly multi-layered artist, you can make it from anywhere. “Do it the way I did it," he says in the above Obey Your Thirst documentary. "Do it from where you’re at. If you have the music, that's all it takes."

Now, at the top of his game, Drake says he competes not with established legends or other top-sellers, but with the countless kids itching to take his spot.

Now that hip-hop's playing field is more open than ever before, Drake knows

there are countless kids itching to take his spot. Those up-and-comers are now his competition, not any established rapper. “That’s how I try to keep pushing this forward,” he says. “Just to let that kid know that I’m not done yet.” Watch the full documentary above, and stay tuned for three more by Sprite and The FADER, sharing the stories of Nas, Vince Staples, and Isaiah Rashad.


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2 years ago

Ciarra W.

I want his sweater

2 years ago

George Kenny

Who's that kid working hard right now.. We waiting on you kid

2 years ago


what song is in the beginning and at the end?

2 years ago

Daniela Bustamante

the new rapping era goes by the name of drake. this guy is a legend.

2 years ago

kenny duarte

I wonder how J Cole, Big Sean, and Kendrick take his comments about not competing with them. Yes Drizzy you're the best but don't get too comfortable. J cole is coming for your spot boy.

2 years ago

jared p

im pretty sure its safe to say drake is the most worthy artist to go down as an all time great, the type of artist that will have all his hits played 15 years later like jayz tupac and biggie and trust me, hes no where near finished

2 years ago


does anyone know where i can find the first beat?

2 years ago

Shaleeyah Jeter

Drake is awesome ❤

2 years ago

Drizzy Drake Fans

"Toronto is the reason i do this,all i did was find a way to make people proud of our city".

2 years ago


Jus know I'm that kid

2 years ago


really would have preferred an actual sit down, long form, conversation rather than a producer advertisement for multiple corporations including drake. also, he's competing with kids dreaming in their living room? big man!

2 years ago


That beat at 54 seconds is straight fire please be on views from the 6ix

2 years ago

David xotwod

There's argument... we should all know that he's the best of this time and generation...

2 years ago

Elizabeth Arana

This is bae! 

2 years ago

Dennis Menace

too many notable quotes in this one. everything drake said here is totally 100% right

2 years ago


Whats the beat at 0:55

2 years ago


Whats the beat at 0:13

2 years ago

tamia hinton


2 years ago

Joseph Semana

Made me subscribe, those beats!

2 years ago

Tray Price


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