Domingo - Villazon PERHAPS LOVE by John Denver video free download

Duration: 04:03
Uploaded: 2008/06/28

Vienna - in front of Schloss Schönbrunn. Plácido Domingo and Rolando Villazón performing "Perhaps love" - the Denver-Popsong which made Domingo really popular.

Where do you find a better version?

Live from Classic-TV, Liechtenstein: 27th of june 2008


3 years ago

Bernd Terzer

Sorry,John Denver. Habe bisher immer gedacht, die Originalversion wäre das Optimale. Aber diese Version sprengt für mich alles!! Durch Zufall drauf gestossen. Werde das für unser Hochzeit nehmen, wenn ich es irgendwo auf CD bekomme. Einfach nur Gänsehaut pur.

4 years ago

John G

I don't think I'm a particularly great singer, but I'd say I'm as good as Villazon is here. He's absolutely garbage, if he was in a local church hall rather than on a stage with Placido Domingo you'd think he was an average amateur. Granted, he was slightly better before he decided to wreck his voice, but sweet Jesus this is just dire. 

4 years ago

Carlos Eduardo Albino albino

Linda musica e belíssima interpretação, só faltou mesmo o Denver.

4 years ago

Luks Netto

Belissimo, Domingos legend live , Denver smiling now

4 years ago

Jesús Girón

Perhaps Love - Domingo and Villazon

4 years ago

Sergey Lebedev

Domingo and Villazon

4 years ago

Jeferson Trindade

Is Mr. Bean singing?

5 years ago

Bamdad Khoshghadami

A tribute to JOHN DENVER .....

5 years ago

biggusdickus o connor

"mike sexton perhaps love" amazing

5 years ago


it's missing J. Denver.

5 years ago


well compare it to the original where Domingo sings with John Denver... not that John Denver is a bad singer, but...

6 years ago

Dorothy Kay

perfection, just beautiful

7 years ago

Jason Wang

This is absolutely beautiful... Amazing performance.

7 years ago


BRAVO! This is the BEST!

7 years ago


They are singing here with the same technique. I like when it is a mix of pop and classic.

7 years ago

cicee wee

great this so much!!!

7 years ago

Nancy Foster-Mills

I actually like this duet better than Domingo and Denver....

7 years ago

Richard Starkie

all the emotion has gone in this version of the song .... sorry but it must be the training :(

7 years ago

Gabriella Mantengoli

this video and this song are wonderful

7 years ago


Domingo is genius!!! As far as I found out originally this is a country song. It seems thatthis song is not for Rolando, but he is doing hus best.

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