Destiny's Child - Cater 2 U video free download

Duration: 04:10
Uploaded: 2009/10/25

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Let me cater to you

Cause baby this is your day

Do anything for my man

Baby you blow me away

I got your slippers, your dinner, your dessert and so much more

Anything you want just let me caterto you

Inspire me from the heart

Can't nothing tear us apart

You're all I want in a man;

I put my life in your hands

I got your slippers, your dinner

Your dessert and so much more

Anything you want, I want to cater to you

Music video by Destiny's Child performing Cater 2 U. (C) 2005 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT


2 years ago

Alex Jensen

This song is good but all you talk a about is boys why boys that are gross

2 years ago

xxBellaTwin Loverxx

Tre Melvin.....brought me here...

2 years ago

Dav Santos

TTS brought me here! :D I LOVE BOTH VERSIONS! <3

2 years ago


I would feel so fucking incredibly silly crawling around on a car trying to look sexy xD

2 years ago

Scherra Rolaine

Hands down this was my song right here! 

2 years ago

Justin Daniels

Kelly always gets the ugly hairstyles lol but she still fine asf

2 years ago

ruben quintana

Love this song .From : 9 year old Bruklin 

2 years ago

TJ Brown 88

I love this song!!!!! :-)

2 years ago

Nia Nailor

Michelle don't know how to sing tbh 

2 years ago

Precious Childs

7yrs ago... I didn't know this was destiny's child song...I thought it was only B, I loved it then...however God took that Angel from me now finally I opened up my heart to receive another one ..... This song is Awesome.... Thanks Ladies,,,, Real Woman Cater to Real Man

2 years ago

Carlos Diaz

these guys are gazing on and looking ready to fuck these girls 

2 years ago

Audrea Phipps

Ive always loved this song as one of their best!!

2 years ago

Lucas Brito

I rlly like that in this song everyone rlly sings, and it isnt just bey

2 years ago

agatha amorim

amooo D++++ essas três !!! <3 <3

2 years ago

Latoya Rogers

Let me pour out my love letter....humbly. (To Eminem)

2 years ago

Michael Fickenwirth

Michelle had the best part in this song...actually most of their songs she has the best part

2 years ago


Let us cater for youServe you on your special dayBring anything that you wantWe'll even cook a buffetWe've got your hors-d'oeuvres, your entrees, your desserts and so much moreAnything you'd want just let us cater for youSeared or grilled artichoke heartsRaspberry or lemon tartsSauteed mushrooms from the panTuna straight out of the canWe do bar mitzvahs, weddings, funerals and so much moreAnything you like, we wanna cater for you.

2 years ago


So in the beginning are they aliens that crash landed on Earth and set out to fulfill the men in the videos fantasies? Is that why they are naked and have glowing green diamonds on them? I never thought much about it but every time I saw that part of the video, I always felt like it was so out of place. The whole dancing and looking "sexy" in the desert throws me off, too. 

2 years ago

Brusuki Panyanouvong

I Love Their Dresses.

2 years ago


0:36 Proof the sun shines out Beyonce's a$$ lol. XD

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