Destiny's Child - Cater 2 U Live Today Show video free download

Duration: 04:07
Uploaded: 2012/06/06

Destiny's Child - Cater 2 U Live Today Show


2 years ago

Patricia Manese

Watch girls generation TTS VERSION ITS BEAUTIFUL TOO.

3 years ago

n Pa

I'm not being racist, but The right girl is beyonce, isn't she?? She looks like beyonce.

3 years ago

Melissa Bray

A Korean trio redid this song... I honestly prefer it. tts - cater to uIt's a mix of korean and English. 

3 years ago

Sara Akrawie

I like Beyoncé Knowles

3 years ago

Gene Elazegui

It's so refreshing to see an audience with no phones on their hands.

3 years ago

Jordan A G


3 years ago

Meesta kevin

No one wants to admit it, but as much as i love Kelly rowland, she is the least vocally talented member.Bey and Mich are superior

3 years ago

dayanne sil

Bichaaaa abusada essa Bey, gosto muito <3

3 years ago

Darlan Brasileiro

Bey just.... KILLS!!!

3 years ago

l don

I like Mitchell voice its unique and different it brings a high pitch sound to song

3 years ago

Eboni Valentine

Poor Michelle lol

3 years ago

Erica Tng Sin Yee

Snsd tts has the same song too just a little different (lyrics)If you like this song look at that too!Just sharing some songs I like so if you don't like TaeTiSei just don't search it.I think TTS(TaeTiSeo)'s Cater 2 u is a remake of this song.

3 years ago

Nicholas Harris

I feel like white people don't know what to do when faced with R&B music lol, cause these girls were killing me in the audience 

3 years ago

Nikki Moorer

yaassss mama yassslike 10 years later and this is still flawless. YAS

3 years ago


Why is Beyonce and Kelly slightly off key except Michelle? Michelle sang it girl

3 years ago


oh look its michelle's lawn chair in the background

3 years ago

Okey Dokey

beyonce stay doing the most lmao

3 years ago


...and Bey saved the day. They struggled, vocally, on this one. But, that's okay. Everyone has bad days. Never heard Kelly struggle like that before, though. Still a fan of the incomparable D.C.

3 years ago

joshua bitz

Why wasn't Beyonce in the middle? She's the MAIN one!

4 years ago

vincenzo crocetto

Il " cuore " di new york si presta eccellentemente bene come unica e sola scenografia per questo bel live delle Destiny's Child 

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