Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth (Video) video free download

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Uploaded: 2009/10/27

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Policy Of Truth (Video)


1 year ago

Carlos Peralta

policia de verdad jajaja

1 year ago

julio cesar gamboa salazar

This is music!!!!!!!!!

1 year ago

Joao André

Simplesmente demais. Adoro essa banda. Muito bom!!!!!!

1 year ago

Brad Miller

I might see where the motivations for writing this song came from. Chicks don't dig being lied to. Martin Gore probably told some chick a lie and she flipped out and left him. This song is some sort of message to the chicks that only young girls follow a policy of truth and that they should be more forgiving. In a way Martin Gore is rather sinister.

1 year ago

valdemar santana

E um dia como este agora, com chuva nada melhor que escutar Depeche

1 year ago

Marco s.p.q.r

CAPOLAVORO ASSOLUTO DEI DEPECHE.............Policy Of Truth............1990!!!

1 year ago

Nicholas Barrett

Depeche mode was ahead of their time

1 year ago

Diego Eskorbuto

una de las bandas mas grandes que escuche en mi vida

1 year ago

guadalupe alvarez

I think it's pop music

1 year ago

mario alberto arias atayde


1 year ago

Alice cadamy

These guys kick ass ! Best group of the 80's along side with U2

1 year ago

Vicky Soto

Simply perfect.

1 year ago

Valeria Portilla

Policy Of Truth 

1 year ago

Matthew Harp

Times were so much better then

1 year ago

Vengeance 214

I like!!!

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