Deon Estus - Heaven Help Me (RELAID AUDIO) video free download

Duration: 04:27
Uploaded: 2009/01/07

Wham! and George Michael's bassist and background vocalist goes solo on this 1989 one hit wonder from the album "Spell"

This time George Michael provides the backgound vocals.

Courtesy of Mika/Polydor/PolyGram Records, Inc.


2 years ago


george michael and deon estus can we get another one?

2 years ago

Akera Reese

Very underrated break-up song.

3 years ago

NYC033 NYC033

Tough song..... I went through this....smdh

3 years ago

seneada haynes


3 years ago

StormTrooper T

I remember this song in high school. I knew a girl who looked like the model and I had a crush on her but I was so scared to talk to her.

3 years ago

Brian Manthey

Wow george Michael helped his buddy out but I got to say this is a great song that didnt get enough love great job to all on this song

3 years ago

Tarita Pita

My favorite part of the song is when he starts blowing from 4:00 to the end. "You're someone else's lady, so sad without you darlin', the Gods of love can't help me now. "

3 years ago

ck kc

deon estus look like luda cris in this clip

3 years ago

girl Girl

great song! one of my favorites!

3 years ago

essie finch

love it !!!!

3 years ago

Sherelle Blount

Can't. Get over him

3 years ago

Kevin T

Hmm, is he lip syncing because that sounds like George Michael straight through the song. 

3 years ago

Joe Kline

Great Song. Don't know if he Just had GM Helping him on this one. Surprised that Deon didn't have More Hits.

3 years ago

Melissa M

love this throwback

3 years ago

Eric Bradshaw

Great song bringing an end to the 80's. This song ushered in the smoother 90's sound especially a crowd of great 90's R&B!

3 years ago

Beautiful Dia'nnia

#DeonEstus ~ " HEAVEN HELP ME " A Beautiful Slow Jam Classic Throwback.

3 years ago

Jonathan Chang

Have loved this song for almost 30 years. George Michael truly is talented, what a pity his personal life and media scrutiny prevented us from enjoying all of it.

3 years ago

Dan Wilkinson

this was my favorite song from back in the day

3 years ago

Елена Дикарева

Deon Estus - Heaven Help Me

3 years ago


who are the five miserable fucks?????

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