Dayglo Abortions - Argh Fuck Kill + Die Sinner, Die video free download

Duration: 02:18
Uploaded: 2011/09/01


2 years ago

Bob Blahblah

Even better.

3 years ago

anton k

You have sinned so you must dieDie sinner dieYou will bring on the red tideDie sinner dieJerry Falwell's god sez that war is goodAt least that's what they tell us and christians never lieYou will hang in the parkDie sinner dieGod's army will leave its markDie sinner dieWe'll burn the fire of communism by lighting you on fireAnd then we'll roast jelly beans on the funeral pyreRead more: Dayglo Abortions - Die Sinner Die Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

3 years ago

The Doge

6th comment on a stupid yet awesome song 

4 years ago

Southern Man


4 years ago

John Tait

High school blast from the bast. These guys are from my home town, Victoria, BC. Saw them in 86

4 years ago


best song to fight and skate too!

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