David Bowie - Underground video free download

Duration: 04:41
Uploaded: 2009/02/27

Music video by David Bowie performing Underground (DVD).


1 year ago

John Philippi

I really wish he did this song live. It's just BEGGING to be sung live. Imagine how much his fans would appreciate this as an encore at a show. For that matter, we'd just like to see ANY Bowie show at this point. How long has it been already?!?

1 year ago

Taresa Vasquez

I play this and the movie for my daughter all the time. She loves it and dances along with the songs. Sadly my husband doesn't like it since he's named after David Bowie's character.

1 year ago

Bill Volk

I like to believe that this is canon, and Sarah's mom ran off with this guy who performs in underground nightclubs and is constantly visited by muppets who mistake him for their king.

1 year ago

Apple Quinn


1 year ago

Anaïs PunkyKid

Stop being sexy Bowie , plz , stap .

1 year ago

Joshua Oakley Books

David Bowie - Underground - YouTube

1 year ago

Lisa Carter

OMG how have I never seen this video before I love it :)

1 year ago

J.L. Sommerhauser

so jareth the goblin king was a nightclub singer who found the labyrinth and became ruler by throwing a cool dance party. nice.

1 year ago

Luna Boschetto

Amo la película y la canción. Son realmente hermosas

1 year ago


The little worm in labyrinth was a great character hahah. 

1 year ago

Надежда Травина

*Как всегда, спасибо, Великолепной **+Татьяна Заварухина** за ссылку и перевод этой замечательной музыки! Добрых снов! Спасибо, всем, за общение!*"Никто не сможет обвинить тебя,В том, что ты уходишь прочь,Ведь отказов так много, .А любви вовсе нет, Жизнь может быть простой,Но она не всегда доставляет радость.Девочка моя, даже не говори мне, что правда ранит,Я-то знаю, что она обжигает как адское пламя.Но внизу, под землей Ты найдешь кого-то настоящего (там внизу)Безмятежные земли (оу оу оу оу)Хрустальную луну"..

1 year ago

Grayson Antreassian

David Bowie is just..... bfbchdjskapwowkdndnsnsnskskxCOME HERE A LET ME LOVE YOU.Oh and this movie rocks my world. :D ;)

1 year ago

Dill Mart

A land serene, a crystal moon aaaahhaaa

1 year ago

I was thinking that this was a prequel to him becoming the gobbling king jareth

1 year ago

H.C. Muller

Good video, but what matter is the music; good but the Bowie magic is missing.

1 year ago


the movie of my childhood <3 

1 year ago


Watched this with my kids a few months ago and they certainly didn't react to it the way me and my sister did when we first watched it as kids. We loved it and watched it loads of times. Anyway, when the credits rolled and this song came on, I got a shiver right down my spine (no, it wasn't the air conditioning) and the memories came flooding back. What a song! David Bowie is just fucking amazing!

1 year ago

David Curry

tons of pop music from ~1986-89 sounds like this, the live music instruments, the synth drums, the choir etc

1 year ago

Dirty World

David Bowie - Underground#davidbowie 

2 years ago

Rose Deth

I want this song played at my funeral. 

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