David Bowie - Space Oddity video free download

Duration: 05:04
Uploaded: 2009/02/28

Music video by David Bowie performing Space Oddity.


1 year ago

Angel M.M

Is major Tom a murder?

1 year ago

RMG -Trademark

*♫♫♫ DAVID BOWIE ~ Space Oddity ~*

1 year ago

Gwen Ferraris

Questa la dedichiamo alla nostra Spaziale astronauta Samantha Cristoforetti. .............Chiessà che marca di camicia porta?.......haha, scherzo! ........ l'importante è che sita bene e che abbia tutta la nostra stima! 

1 year ago

Robin vlogs

He fucked his landlord for rent

1 year ago

Isadora Urra


1 year ago

Yaniv Hershkowitz

the best song ever made

1 year ago

marina taddei

Dolce notte DebbyBowie...ricordati che ti voglio bene...non dimenticarlo maiiiiiiiiiii TI ADORO MaryZiggy....

1 year ago


Never quite understood the fascination w/ David Bowie. I respect his aims and intentions, and the stuff he produces, but I think it sounds rather horrible and painfully disjointed. I feel his singing is rather horrible as well, but I suppose this music of the era kinda makes sense - it's very abstract and weird, suiting that beatnick hippie style

1 year ago

sabatoge sabatoge

Ziggy Stardust

1 year ago


The Mellotron in this song is fantastic.

1 year ago

Wiktoria Kruglik

Who is being silly

1 year ago

Night Oléy

Fantastic <3

1 year ago

Areta Osunde


1 year ago

Barry Coad

I am his love child

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