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Duration: 04:09
Uploaded: 2016/01/07

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2 years ago

Michael Ford

this has gotten so much darker in context

2 years ago


oh Dave! now you are in peace, no pain...just a dream. Thanks for all.

2 years ago

Kimi T

It feels as if he's saying "goodbye." We're looking up - you're in heaven.

2 years ago


Genius,absolute pure master indeed,I shall never forget about you..

2 years ago

René Philippus

Chills, up and down my spine!!Gutwrenching , awesome, amazing song, from a fragile, but very powerful Bowie!!Have a good time in heaven, and hope te see you there some day................

2 years ago

Brandon Dale

anyone else notice major tom's skull on his writing desk?

2 years ago


Look up here I'm in  heaven, I got scars that can't seen.I got drama can't be stolen, everybody knows me know.This will now be the most powerful verse I ever heard him sing! Rest in Peace David Bowie!

2 years ago


Being a girl born in 1979, I grew up listening to David and was brought up around his older music. Labyrinth will always be my favorite movie of his. He will always be the goblin king in my eyes. This song just brings me to tears when I hear it. He was irreplaceable. A legend of this world and a legend in the stars. He will never be forgotten. His passing was like losing a member of my own family. Rest In Peace Blackstar! You will never be forgotten! Sending all my love from the states!

2 years ago


he knew he was not going to make it he knew this is his last album listen to the words

2 years ago

Sharon Thomas

He only learned 18 months prior to this He was dying. He wrote letters to his friends an made this song for all of his fans. David actually waited for this album to drop before he died. Two days after his birthday he left this world. Iman and his children need prayers so lets do what we can for him now and give them privacy and prayers. Rest now David, and thank you. God bless

2 years ago

Chaotic BunnyGamer

He'll be free...best use of words. David was always such a free spirited person, and cancer is very limiting especially with how old he was. And I could only imagine how much pain he was in from the treatments, it's a blessing to be free, to pass away and leave that pain behind. We all miss you, and your awesomeness.

2 years ago

Michnik CZ

I think that Bowie is still alive, because legends like him can't die!

2 years ago

jamilyn bennett

Oh god. I cried, and cried some more when I heard this song. The lyrics combined with the video broke my huge bleeding heart.

2 years ago


Lemmy died two days after having been diagnosed with cancer, David Bowie dies two days after the last album release... We all should be able to determine when and how it ends... Anyway, my speculations aside, David Bowie had a spectacular death, THE artist until the end. Terrific video.

2 years ago

Marcella Tews

6000 people who dislike this - sorry, you have no heart and don't know how to feel.

2 years ago

DeadPool`s ChimiChanga`s

This is just a little freaky he they posted this before he died rip he will be missed

2 years ago

sofia ruth

R.I.P david we will all miss you

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