David Bowie - Heroes video free download

Duration: 03:27
Uploaded: 2009/02/25

Music video by David Bowie performing ''Heroes''. Taken from the album 'Heroes'

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1 year ago

Nick Deenge

american pussy-faggot horror story brought me here durrrrr i r dum dum

1 year ago

effetto placebo

I just can't explain how much I love this song

1 year ago

Christian Beltran

I'm getting some mad Thom Yorke vibes for some reason

1 year ago

Laura Balsanelli

Masterpiece. I love You David Bowie

1 year ago


Not the "BEST"...   but it is my FAVORITE Bowie song.And there is a big difference.

1 year ago

James Howard

I hope they use this song in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I think it would totally fit onto the Awesome Mix tape Vol 2.  I can hear it already in the trailer... My 2 cents.

1 year ago

Sickboy 670

the song of my damn life

1 year ago

Karina O'Rourke

I'm here, because this is a great fucking song...Not because of a tv show...lol. I'm glad people can find great music though.

1 year ago

Camren Harmony

This song makes me smile because it reminds me of The Perks of Being a Wallflower

1 year ago

Murphy NZ

I can't be hero.

1 year ago

bea villa

My heroe

1 year ago

Syed Abdul Wasay

we can be heroes......

1 year ago

David Barnes

Anyone else here because of the cover used in the lone survivor?

1 year ago

Amélie Depp

The perks of being a wallflower brought me here.

1 year ago


aqui por american horror story

1 year ago

Luiza Monteiro

Dedico essa música à meu querido pai!!!Te amo!!!

1 year ago

Ahmed ben

yes you can :)

1 year ago

Robert Lisboa

It's all about Fripp on this piece.

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