Dangers - A Missed Chance For A Meaningful Abortion video free download

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Uploaded: 2009/07/14


Eat shit. Well. None of you have to live with me twenty-four hours a day. But if you did you'd understand why I am not okay. I can't stand ten of ten people that I see. It's like this world took a shit for a billion years and shat it all right down on me. The ugly ones, the pretty ones, the ones with all the brains. Inner-city foster kids that dream of false-front hip-hop fame. Liposuction soccer moms. Bar mitzvah birthday boys. Darwin was right until you came along. How could poor Darwin have been so wrong? Kids at shows. Red. Men with in-ear phones. Rum. NRA boys. Red. And fake-n-bake gals. Rum. Your daddy didn't want you. There was a pinhole in the condom. Fucks who don't read. Red. Bands with a guarantee. Rum. Monster truck bros. Red. And fuck-me-boots ho's. Rum. Your mommy was on the pill but she just forgot one. Spread your legs open so I can ram the hanger up into your crotch and kill your kids before it's too late.


3 years ago

Muh Stache

I didn't have to cut myself today. This song was edgy enough for me to start bleeding.

4 years ago


WeeblStuff should animate a music video for this, looping it from 0:00-1:20

5 years ago

Fabian Vanegas

Favorite song! <3

5 years ago


but, lo and behold, you're still a scumbag

5 years ago


I was really drunk

6 years ago



6 years ago

Quinn Hermon

@n1ckJ11 Your just a fucking scumbag so um im sick of dealing with you and im sick of acting like we're friends when your basically the scum of the earth because your just like every fucking guy out there and I give you chances and your just scum. So have fun tonight and I hope shes good because she fuckin resembles my asshole so enjoy yourself cuz shes really fucking cute, okay? Have a great time Tim and i cant WAIT to talk to you soon. (damn that was more work than i thought)

6 years ago

Quinn Hermon

@n1ckJ11 Hey Tim, it's kelly and I just want you to know i think your a fucking scumbag and I try to take you seriously and I try to believe that you've actually changed and that you've become a decent person but __?__ your still a scumbag like iv pretty much considered you to be for the last five years so... um i really appreciate you coming itno the city and trying to hang out with Ann and having fun and leaving with some ugly ass girl to go home and fuck her cuz pretty much i dont know, Tim-

7 years ago


@bigsinks101 LOL you missed the point entirely. they're being extremely apathetic in a humorous way.. partly cause they feel like that, but then they blow it out of proportion. i think it's funny as shit lol

7 years ago

jon doeson

Pathetic self loathing cunts.

7 years ago



8 years ago


lol can someone write the whole phone convers at the end plz

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