Cradle of Filth - Lord Abortion video free download

Duration: 06:52
Uploaded: 2008/11/21

1. At the gates of Midian

2. Cthulhu dawn

3. Safron's curse

4. Death magick for adepts

5. Lord abortion

6. Amor e morte

7. Creatures that kissed in cold mirrors

8. Her ghost in the fog

9. Satanic mantra

10. Tearing the veil from Grace

11. Tortured soul asylum


3 years ago

Lewis Barrah

I stare, I stare, I STARE. 

3 years ago


Used to listen to this album while playing Warcraft 3. The perfect fucking soundtrack.

3 years ago

Colton Warner

What is "The birthmark of cinders"?

3 years ago

Nerino Cucel

born with a birthmark...., more than one! 3:)

3 years ago


Care for a little necrophilia?

3 years ago

Lupe Velez

What's not to like about this song?.

3 years ago


Octopus horns and shrimp men, This cover is off the charts! 

4 years ago

Douglas Saunders

Lord Abortion is in dani filth's movie cradle of fear its a fucked up movie but I love it Dani needs to make a new cradle of filth album for 2015 cuz I'v heard all the other song's a 100,000 times I still love the song but there starting to get old and the only reason why I listen to Devilment is cuz I support dani as a artis 

4 years ago

Hans Aller Best


4 years ago


Like 15 years ago...boyfriend of my friends siste intoduced me to metal by a song by Cradle of Filth. I haven't regreted that since...

4 years ago

Madeleine Tenebrarum

SOUNDTRACK FROM HELLCradle of Filth - Lord abortion (2000)Un titre issu de Midian, l'album inspiré par le livre et le film Cabal de Clive Barker. Monstrueux dans tous les sens du terme !

4 years ago


bitter night of giving heeaaD!!

4 years ago


3.55: heargasmic......A great part of my teenage period......

4 years ago

Alexander Mauro

I forgot how perfect this album was.

4 years ago

Miranda Astor


4 years ago

Miranda Astor

+Ann Na еще эту очень люблю,как-то она незаслуженно в угол задвинута была, а я балдею от нее \m/

4 years ago


So in order to be a fan I have to like everything they've ever done? lol wow

4 years ago

rodrigo dip brahim

mientras tomaba unos tragos con belzebub me dijo- quizás te guste este tema y como me gustó aqui les dejo esta canción de cradle of filth

4 years ago


I've heard this song is excellent for a cup of afternoon tea :)

4 years ago


haha i remember fucking with this song on the background

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