Conor Maynard - Valerie / Back to Black (Amy Winehouse Tribute) video free download

Duration: 02:49
Uploaded: 2011/08/10

Yoooo everyone!!! Thank you for taking part in the facebook poll... here's what you asked for!!!... mayybe with a little twist... :) hahaa, But yeh... here's my farewell to an absolutely amazing artist, who will not be forgotten any time soon... R.I.P. Amy Winehouse.

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2 years ago

Valerie McGowan

Say my name say my name

3 years ago

1D is my world

My favorite cover

3 years ago

Adél Svobodová

Amy would be proud ☺

3 years ago

Andy Ramz

Favourite cover forever

3 years ago

Valerie Morse

You can sing my name any day!!!!

3 years ago

Revandra Zarnd

Fuck. Ur so great arg! Im lovin ittt!

3 years ago

souhila hmd snowdrops

You go back to herAnd I go back to...I go back to us this is soo bad feeling 

3 years ago

Regina Fussin

Loving this as always 

3 years ago

Justin Reed

Not a fan of of people butchering the lyrics of a song just to cover it as a different gender... Everyone knows you're not a female/not Amy Winehouse. You need to slaughter the original lyrics. Sing it the way it was intended to be sang. 

3 years ago

Hannah Bickley

forever one of my favourites to listen to

3 years ago

Valerie Michel

Wow! What an amazing voice! When Mr. Right pops the big question will you sing at my wedding?? Your voice will definitely compliment sunny skies in Miami!

3 years ago

עדי פנחסוב

i love how you doing that!

3 years ago

Robyn Perez

4 year later and this is still a cover i will listen to regularly. Never gets less amazing! 

3 years ago

Food Porn

freaking love this, well done!

3 years ago

frank liam Johnson

I probably listen to this song about once a day 

3 years ago


That little oh when you started to switch songs was so cute

3 years ago

Guess 4


3 years ago

Gerardo Hernandez

If it's going to be all about the voice, then don't use reverb and pitch correction.. yes, I heard the pitch correction. 

3 years ago

Nicole B (xoxonicole)

Best cover of all u made...Love the beginning before it gets sped up

3 years ago

Dorito Brooks

Been a fan since the beginning

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