Cliff Burton - Anesthesia (Upright Bass cover) video free download

Duration: 04:11
Uploaded: 2015/05/18

Bass solo, take one... thousand.

Let me know in the comments what you'd like the next Maytallica video to be.


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The upright I'm playing is this on from Cecilio:

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2 years ago


Progencies of a great apocalypse by Dimmu Borgir.

2 years ago

Victor Glavan

Dude, some Korn cover!!

2 years ago

Gabriel Mustaine

Can yo do Genghis Khan and The Clairvoyant by Iron Maiden on that cello? 

2 years ago

Gabriel Mustaine

Beautiful!!!! I loved it!

2 years ago

Hene Tene

good one! please dont let die metal evergreens!:)

2 years ago

Hugo Ferreira

How it was to play cello for the first time? Was it hard beacuse of intonation?

2 years ago

fa şo

upright bass is the most unnecessary thing in the world

2 years ago


You should play Wynona's Big Brown Beaver from Primus on the up right bass.

2 years ago

Tyrone Jones

"Whisky in the Jaro"

2 years ago

Sterling Tucker

But does it djent?

2 years ago


Freakin awesome!

2 years ago

pokebass1 Enduros

Please, do Master of Puppets or Orion.

2 years ago

Jonathan Pangburn

Your unreal dude!!

2 years ago


Steve Harris Bass Medley.. it would be great if u do one..

2 years ago

Vikram Khanzode

holy wars bitch!

2 years ago

Daniel Ayala Obando

I really love this song

2 years ago

Sir Huebert Cumberdale

I did not expect something this awesome when I clicked on the video

2 years ago

Joshua H

Rob is so fucking talented!

2 years ago


Loved it!

2 years ago


Definately Different ... I Like It

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