Citizen Cope - Bullet & A Target video free download

Duration: 06:06
Uploaded: 2007/01/30

I made this for my own personal view, not for others to listen to, so if you want to critique the video, keep the comments to yourself.


8 years ago


LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!1!!1!!!11one!1!!!!one!

8 years ago


fuck you. both sound beautiful. and as far as rap goes, bliss n eso version is incredible

8 years ago

Filip Milosavljevic

@saavaa no man, you heard it in seasons! hehehe

8 years ago


he is quite gay!

8 years ago

feline luvr

Freakin Fabulous!

8 years ago

Bangs Macgee

you're lame.

8 years ago


So much better than Bliss N Eso's buchering of the song.

8 years ago


Fucking love new world disorder! Brings together some real talented riders, and what a soundtrack, get on Citizen Cope!

8 years ago


heard this song in new world disorder bike video, one of my fav. songs!

8 years ago


heard this song in alpha dog, fuckin great tune! cheers 4 putting it on m8 ;)

8 years ago


science can co-exist with the idea of god sure, but Christianity and the bible are obviously contradictory to science, so please shut the fuck up about it being so modern, it's annoying.

8 years ago


your crap

8 years ago


LOL Religion can just claim something like guided evolution

8 years ago

Chuck Nasty

wow thats good shit man! really i thought he said blame it on juice and a bottle and but your explanation sounds much better

8 years ago


zeus apollo and adonis are all greek gods, and by saying "you can blame" it on them.. means you can blame it on WHATEVER you believe... but the fact remains we did this to ourselves... he stated in an interview that the song is based on the fact that some people are born in bad situations hence.. between a bullet and a target... like the girl in the second verse he's talking about... and theres people that have a choice... which is the first verse and WE AS society put ourselves in those places

8 years ago

Swicker Haggz

Thanks ShottyGotti

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