Ciara - Ride It ft. Ludacris [FULL SONG] video free download

Duration: 04:58
Uploaded: 2010/04/14

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2 years ago

tahir m

Film anmolratan songh 

3 years ago

bvblove outlawlove

I love she da homegril

3 years ago

adrian brom

he like how i ride it lmao

3 years ago

Arianna Hernanadez

What the hell no lyrics bullshit !

3 years ago


He love they way I ride it He love the way I ride the beatLike a motherfuckin freak

4 years ago

Boyd Bateman

this is a cool song i  listen to  it everyday

4 years ago

Dalton Ferrell

I want her to pull off them pants

4 years ago

Olivia Phillips


4 years ago

Yolanda Goodwin

Luv it

4 years ago

Maryy b

The best song ever!!

4 years ago

Tadi Vaughn

My soooooonnnngggggg

4 years ago

charlie brown

i love dis song

4 years ago

Jai Spears


4 years ago


ugggggh thissss maaaaa songggggg! i loveeee ciara god damn

4 years ago

differ jik

She Gern Learn How To Ride Future Dick In A Min

4 years ago

Tamara McKay


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