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Duration: 04:39
Uploaded: 2010/03/10

New video from Christafari brought to you courtesy of AristoMedia at the request of Lion of Zion Entertainment.


2 years ago

Guilherme Costa

Som agradável e abençoado!

3 years ago

Tabernaculo Metropolis

He will never leave you nor forsake you...

3 years ago

percy zuniga


3 years ago


nice video , respect from Bali, Indonesia 

3 years ago

PrincessYR TD

Check out this video on YouTube: an Amazing Gospel Reggae Band, Christafari...Try Jah's Love this New Year!!!

3 years ago


Just Love it !

3 years ago

Eric Appiah

This is what i call music! A soothing one indeed. Because there are no songs like this this in Ghanaian shops, you tube has become my only medium. Good work done by this group 

3 years ago


curto muito, só no reggae abençoado 

3 years ago

christopher mariscal

Christafari - Try Jah LoveTry Jah Love (Feat. Jennifer Howland Avion Blackman)When I wake up in the morning,The first thing I do is go to the scriptures.Time with JahAnd when I rest my head in the eveningI give thanks to Jah, thanks to JahTry jah love, ohhHe will never let you down, noYou know you keep your good friends closeAnd your family closerBut there is one who loves you the mostHe is your heavenly fatherTry Jah love, try y Jah loveWon't you taste and see that the lord is sweetHis love is so fineSo won't you taste and see that jah love is sweetHis love is divineSome people will be niceAnd they take advantage of youA fair-weather friendBut he will never leave or forsake youHe's with you til the endCome on everybody let's tasteAnd see that the lord is good.Come on everybody let's tasteAnd see that the lord is fine

3 years ago

Emma Jones

nice song

3 years ago

Robert Arno

love this

3 years ago

ivanklebes pereira da silva

eu sempre gostei de reggae.e um reggae gospel.vai muito bem

3 years ago

Artesão Claudio Lucena

PostandoNa Minha Pagina Pra Quem Curte Reggae Assim Deixo Pra Ti Banda Christafari Musicalidade Feita Com ExcelênciaAssim Posso ClassificarMesmo Não Sendo Eu Um MusicoSimplesmente Vejo QualidadeEm Musicalidade Um Vocal Excelente Todo Grupo Assim Fazendo TudoCom Muita Excelência Quero Considerar Eu Artesão : Cláudio Lucena Bom Faz Um Pouco de Tempo Que Aprendi Gostar de Ouvir ooo Estilo Reggae Por Meio do Ministério Bola de Neve Por Tanto Tocar Na Bola Radio Permita-me Aqui Deixar ooo Link da Radio ooo Reggae Um Estilo Que Fica Bem Em Qualquer Ambiente Ao Meu Entender Hoje Procuro Escutar Sempre Que Posso Assim Estou Aqui Fazendo Meu Publicar Deste Grupo Musical Chistafari Fazendo Uso de Bom Gosto Assim Digo-lhe Tenha Uma Excelente Noite de Paz Com Meu Carinho Sempre Shalom Pra Ti !!! !!! !!! 

3 years ago


Great music, shame about the delusion. Your Christ was killed by the Jews, read your bible. What about all the other religions, are you all going to kill each other and the rest of us with you before you realise what a bunch of real fools you all are. Take your beliefs and stick to making good music. We all have God within us, Jesus said that, check Luke, it says so in there. Jesus died 2000 years ago, get over it.

4 years ago

Eduardo Henrique

John chapter; 14 vs 12,13,14, Whatever you ask in the name of Jesus by believing you have received this certesa.

4 years ago

Rose P

Try Jah Love....whoa oh...He will never let you down.....THAT IS THE TRUTH, THANK YOU LORD! 

4 years ago


ffff q buenooo =)))

4 years ago

Thoghi Louis

I can tel you man this song Realy ablessing, I god bless each one of you who play This song. Don't worry about any one who try to say something wrong god love you as you are the way you are.

4 years ago

Stevan Gómez


4 years ago

Sofia Alvarez

hermoso tema :)

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