Chris Brown - Little More (Royalty) [Explicit Version] video free download

Duration: 05:20
Uploaded: 2015/12/19

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1 year ago

Rawish Ramzan

Beste song

1 year ago

Adrian Ayala

cris Brown young are so cool

1 year ago


His vocals are incredible in this song!

1 year ago

Kate Brooks

My question is, why did he wear a watch to bed?

1 year ago

Melody Panchit

I wish I had a celebrity family member

1 year ago

Raakin Awan

the kid has jays

1 year ago

Destiny Ward


1 year ago

jayln allen

this song is beautiful

1 year ago

Fahim Khan

I love this song so much

1 year ago

Uilton Silva

muito bommnn só falta vim pro Brazil kkk

1 year ago

Nalii Tillis

I love this video it makes me wanna hug someone even if I don't know that person

1 year ago

maya maxwell

awww I love it!

1 year ago

Jaeson Townsend

Royalty has my moms shoes

1 year ago

Daniela Linares

I wish I could see Chris in real life

1 year ago

KaMya McCutchen

that is cute

1 year ago

Mylee Barnett

his daugter is CUTE

1 year ago

Tracie R

Very Beautiful.

1 year ago

boston celtics

this video made me cry

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