Celine Dion & Elvis Presley - If I Can Dream video free download

Duration: 03:36
Uploaded: 2008/08/09

There must be lights burning brighter, somewhere

Got to be birds flying higher in a sky more blue

If I can dream of a better land

Where all my brothers walk hand in hand

Tell my why, oh why, oh why can't my dream come true, oh why

There must be peace and understanding, sometime

Strong winds of promis that will blow away

All the doubt and fear

If I can dream of a warmer sun

Where hope keeps shining on everyone

Tell me why, oh why, oh why won't that sun appear

We're lost in a cloud

With too much rain

We're trapped in a world

That's troubled with pain

But as long as a man

Has the strenght to dream

He can redeem his soul and fly (He can fly)

Deep in my heart there's a trembling question

Still I am sure that the answer gonna come, somehow

Out there in the dark, there's a beckoning candle

And while I can think, while I can talk

while I can stand, while I can walk

While I can dream, please let my dream

Come true, right now

Let it come true right now

Oh yeah


1 year ago

Jacqueline Braat

Geweldige sangeres ook en natuurlijk elvis xx.....

1 year ago

Bernadette BC

incroyable !

1 year ago

Betty Thomas

Elvis, he's the best singer that ever lived. Gone but not for gotten.

1 year ago

James butler

She will never out stage Elvis not even on her best day.

1 year ago

Jorge Mario Rodas

It is surprising what modern technology can do. This is as good as the video of the song Unforgettable where Nat King Cole sings with his grownup daughter Natalie Cole. And the voices couple perfectly. Both great singers in their own right this performance is great.

1 year ago

Carla beatriz Santos

Lindo demais!!!!!!!

1 year ago

Mikael pérusse

c`est qui martin fontaine qui fais Elvis presley?

1 year ago

Janice Longthorn

She wouldn't been good enough to sing with the king! Elvis presley will always be the best and the king! This wasn't even worth watching all! 

1 year ago

Bernard ROGER


1 year ago

amandaj j

this is horrible. their voices don't work together at all..

1 year ago

Alan S.

I was 16 when I watched that live in 1968. She did a great job trying to keep up with him.

1 year ago

G. Jakobsen

If you thought your eyes were playing tricks on you, think again!Yes that really is Elvis Presley, the King himself, singing a duetwith Celine Dion. They performed a delightful rendition of the1968 song, "If I Can Dream" and Elvis even had the samedance moves as he did in his 1968 performance.How was it done? First, frames of Elvis's performance wereseparated from their environment and painstakingly tracedin a process called rotoscoping. Then, Celine Dion practicedher portion of the duet using a body double until the perform-ances matched. When both she and Elvis are projected at thesame time, we get a duet that spans across 46 years.

1 year ago

Erika Sanchez

Amazing Celine Dion & Elvis Presley - If I Can Dream

1 year ago

Darren Mcmullen

she was crap

1 year ago

edward moriarty

how can she stand and look so dead next to him? If she thinks for one minute that she is in the same ballpark as him? She is insane, And she did not do him justice.

1 year ago

Lode Star

Just remember this is but a fraction of the special effects ability that those who govern the world from the shadows have at their disposal. They are creating fake war footage in Ukraine and the middle east to make us believe there are conflicts. 9/11 was full of these special effects to make us believe that real planes hit the twin towers and the buildings fell in free fall because of it. They are tricking our minds. They can simulate smoke, fire, explosions to where you don't know the difference. You have been warned.

1 year ago

Dusty Terranova

I miss his singing more than the lady

1 year ago


This is lovely :-)

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