Calum Scott - Dancing On My Own video free download

Duration: 03:11
Uploaded: 2017/01/07

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10 months ago


still so beautiful to listen to ....:)

10 months ago

Zach Sharrad

He only know how to sing 1 song?

10 months ago

Lucre RB

Te amo

10 months ago

toyah bown

best song ever for my kirk Wharton love of my life died 1/7/16

10 months ago

Jenniffer Silva

su voz me hace erizar siempre

10 months ago

Jessica Cristine


10 months ago

Chri Si

Love this song so so much <3 my absolute Favorite

10 months ago

Pauline Sison

He is the only one that I keep on watching over and over again. His audition is perfect.

10 months ago

Emma Lynn

ahh i love him! more music please

10 months ago

Ana Maria Sousa

por que tenho que gosta tanto dessa música?! Vagamente ela está inundando meu coração de lágrimas.

11 months ago

Valentin Alex

Incredible performance and really good song.

11 months ago

Evan JS

amazing beautiful voice

11 months ago

kathy theriault

amazing calum i am so happy that i got the CD of this song when you only did 100 copies. been loving you from the beginning many blessings to you calum

11 months ago

Anastasia Ragazzia

such a beautiful soul

11 months ago

HyukJae Yoo

like the piano variation!!

11 months ago

kevin muamar

the type of his singing voice..... ugh❤️❤️❤️❤️

11 months ago

Stuart Norcross

Goosebumps ❤️ your voice keep up the amazing work Scott

11 months ago

Aleksandar Babic

He really needs to record something else

11 months ago

keep dreaming!

wow...i love him since he audation in x factor..

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