Busta Rhymes Feat Eminem - I'll Hurt You video free download

Duration: 04:19
Uploaded: 2007/12/17

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Taking a step back to a slightly older track, Busta Rhymes featuring Eminem. Co-Produced by Dr.Dre and Scott Storch.

Cut from Busta's album - The Big Bang


2 years ago

Jarmaine Hughes

This shit still go hard 

2 years ago

Jennifer Parker-Bell

Man my love this song real nice. 

2 years ago


This is such an awesome song.

2 years ago

Aaron Black

No if I don't recall, Eminem was on drugs during this time period lol so the people that said he could have done better, to Em he was like holy shit speedom! Lol his mind wasn't straight...Busta killed it...Em killed it...

2 years ago

Nicolas Soto

Why isn't this on iTunes?

2 years ago


scott storch on the beat

2 years ago



2 years ago

Emdetro Laci

What fuck you talking. This is one of Eminem's smoothest part ever. He flows like a genius - Fuckn Crazy men!Busta Rhmyes flow is like a cheap North-Coast Rapper from Standard United.Realy men, i love all parts from EM' but this is special.

2 years ago

EME 2000

Wasn't this and throw the water on them supposed to be on his Big Bang album?

2 years ago


All Eminem wanted to create this cut was so that he can copy Busta Rhymes style. Eminem is a average overrated rapper. Yeah I said it! Suck a dick

2 years ago

precious rose

Love this song. My two favorite rappers.

2 years ago

amadou ka Diallo


2 years ago


I think this beat is perfect for the way they both are rappin. Either of them switch styles, wouldn't work. Any other beat, wouldn't work. Love this song =)

2 years ago


As much as I like this song, it is bloody entertaining... um... well.. it is not Em's best. *snicker*

2 years ago

Crunchy Oreo

This song takes me to my happy place

2 years ago

Hydro Gaup

Damn, even tho I love Em.But this beat was fire to Busta! Killed it! Without a doubt.

2 years ago


Busta never fails to deliver.

2 years ago

Flynn C

The fuck are y'all comparing them for? They both dope wit different styles

2 years ago

Cole chestnut

Fucks u eminem now I actually really do have big beef wit u

2 years ago


This is crazy ass awesome

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