Bruno Mars - 24K Magic [Official Video] video free download

Duration: 03:47
Uploaded: 2016/10/07

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Bruno Mars - 24K Magic [Official Video]

Directed by: Bruno Mars & Cameron Duddy

New album available on November 18



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11 months ago

Bisri mustofa Mustofa

Versace on the floor ..just Release By Bruno mars.

11 months ago

Chloe Hart

I get to do this song every Friday for hip hop

11 months ago


Really like this song

11 months ago

Markus Wolrath

All along the song I was like: "When comes the freakin trap part" xD Luv it

11 months ago

Christopher Smith

the guy on the right in the gold looking outfit...hes cute as a button!!!!

11 months ago

Anusha Sundaram

His cheeky smile after the booty shot is priceless.

11 months ago

Gemma Wakeman

He has all the good music like natural. Everyone else's has to show to twerking. So he is the good boy here

11 months ago

Isaiah Brisco

love this 1

11 months ago


Wow, Bruno Mars has really gone downhill from the time he sang "just the way you are." Now he is just another one of those wannabe bad guys who fucks "bitches" and shows off his money. How original. Sad to see his talent wasted.

11 months ago

I_Am _Scorpio94

Zapp and Roger vibe anyone??? Huh?

11 months ago

Harambe 2.0

The Rumor Come Out: Does Bruno Mars is Gay?

11 months ago

Daniel Amity

Learning the dance moves. Where do I get the backing dancers! :P

11 months ago

verseyte allows


11 months ago

Lizeth Avendaño

Pshium thium

11 months ago

Tallie_Mac Tall

I love how the funny is just free styling and fun and he not giving a f about the way he dance...great vid tho I had to get out my car in dance in the street to this it was a dare it was funny s hell tho

11 months ago

Thugmelon 21

came here from Lisa and Lena

11 months ago

Judea Pareja

Checkout the new song by bruno VERSACE ON THE FLOOR, those people looking for the old bruno :)

11 months ago

a Bautista

It sound like kinda sign of snoop dogg and justin timberlake. both have that funky beat that tickles the ears. FTW!

11 months ago

Maureen Perez

You have changed so much.

11 months ago

Richard Lambert Balita

This is not Bruno Mars.

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