Brother Firetribe - Valerie video free download

Duration: 04:53
Uploaded: 2008/06/30


3 years ago


singer sounds like graham bonnet and steve perry had a kid.

4 years ago

Desiderio Domenico De Nitto

What can I say or add....this melodic rock/AOR/Hard rock band is awesome..five stars to all their fillers or wasted or boring time when I listen to their magical music!!!!hail to BF..a loyal fan from Italy!

5 years ago


it would be soo much better if a link to "Glee" singing this song didn't pop up when it ended

6 years ago

Geoff Titeilijan

Please, someone please tab this, its just so good. I will pay you.

6 years ago


damned this is awesome!

6 years ago


best album since Europe's Prisoners in Paradise album

7 years ago


great tune. these guys are growing on me fast d (: thanks for the upload!

7 years ago


The album this song is on (False Metal) is without question the best melodic/aor album I have listened to since the 80's. Every song is EPIC. I listened to it lover and over when I first bought it and it never gets old. Do yourself a favor people, BUY this album - I GUARANTEE you will not be disappointed.

8 years ago


mä kattelinki vähä et ketäs noi onkaan! :D

9 years ago

Rosi Samary

hey, no problem!!!!! ;);)both bands are great!!

9 years ago

Qitaristi i

Yes i am sorry.. my mistake :S

9 years ago

Rosi Samary

this pic is from leverage... anyway amazing song, buy their albums!!!!!

9 years ago

Qitaristi i

Jaa-a enpä tiiä ;) en ollu ihan varma oliko tuo leveragen kuvan vai brother firetriben mutta ihan sama.. :D

9 years ago


ööö..miks BFT:n biisissä Leveragen kuva? =)))

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