Brian McKnight - Never Felt This Way video free download

Duration: 05:37
Uploaded: 2011/07/07

I love this music but I couldn't find any clip that really fits my mood. So i made a simple one with minimum quality of the audio and pictures and hopefully it will fulfill your need. Enjoy ^_^


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2 years ago

MightyLawns T.V.


2 years ago

Val JazzyRed L

Happy Birthday Brian McKnight! #GeminiThis is my #1 song by Brian. Loovvvvve IT!

2 years ago

Felicia Johns

Love this song your voice is so lovely

2 years ago

Denise Buentiempo

Check out this playlist on YouTube:

2 years ago


I loved this song when it came out in 92 and the following year my wife passed away. I listed to this song on repeat for many a days and nights while holding her clothes breathing in her scent. I thought I had plenty of time because we were young. Only married for four months she left this world. So everyday show her love and let her know how much you care because you may not get another chance.

2 years ago

A 'Nena

I am weeping this song is so beautiful!

2 years ago

Dakota Holmes

Martin brought me here and I've been searching for this song for a while.

2 years ago

Terry Green

To my soulmate! Forever!

2 years ago

C.S. Bailey

This is one of my favorite BM songs. Always gets my wife in the mood....

2 years ago


Beautiful so romantic for somebody whispering that song. AMAZING! Brian McKnight

2 years ago

Kimberly Jacobs

#Newbeginnnings I love this song 

2 years ago

Helen Akram

oh i bought this on cassette back in the day, big B introduced love back into music back then which i believe inspired a lot of the new artist that came about in the late 90's and to let women know that chilavry isn't dead

2 years ago

Angel Marie


2 years ago

lexi kennedy

never felt this way

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