Brian Mcknight - I Do video free download

Duration: 04:02
Uploaded: 2008/01/27

Brian Mcknight - I Do from the album "Ten". Great Slow Jam!


2 years ago

da muvvmnt

this was just deceded to me by a wonderful guy

3 years ago

Madeline Vela

Perfect Song I Love it <3

4 years ago

Hiley Brantley

really great song

6 years ago


Sng Was Just Dedicated To Me By A Very Wonderful Guy!!!... ii <3 iT!!! :)

6 years ago

Gabrielle McNellage

I love this song I sung this to my girl for our first year anniversary and she loved it. However, we're not together anymore, but I still love this song! Great lyrics and musical...

9 years ago


he's almost as good tevin campbell

9 years ago

Alex A

"i never meant to love you but i do..." Those words explain exactly how i feel atm. <3 =)

9 years ago


I would say just buy the album. I love practically every song on all of his albums. This album is no exception.

9 years ago


OMG!!! can anyone find the mp3 download for me?? I effin love this song..

9 years ago


My new favorite Brian McKnight song! Old favorite, "Anyway" from the "I Remember You" album. (Oops I said album. I just showed my age! LOL!)

9 years ago

Rachele Ki

love dis song especially the chorus

9 years ago


luv the songg <33 (; <333!!

9 years ago


awesome song.

9 years ago


"i don't need much for myself,just you and nobody else" my favorite line in the song!

9 years ago


This is a song about the woman I met. I LOVE YOU CARMEN!! You're my baby for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 years ago


the first song i fell in love with!!! feels like the truth from my heart... every word, every single pulse...

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