Brian McKnight - Fall 5.0 video free download

Duration: 03:52
Uploaded: 2011/05/25

Brian McKnight's 'Just Me' available NOW!

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3 years ago

Vicky Camacho

omg i love this song! I play it so much on my ipod like on repeat!

3 years ago

Thola Bennie

I just might...

3 years ago

Chuck "Andril" Onassis

Fall into this.....

4 years ago

L. Hendricks

This my jam...speaks volumes to me right now.

4 years ago

David Majorz

Love this song but album was kinda dissapointing!

4 years ago

Theo Dahnkuan

Great song! Everytime i hears it,it keeps me awake and stronger.

4 years ago

Delories Clemons

Brian has through the years shown me realistic views of realistic situations in a relationship via "His Voice".... Thanks for being the romantic artist that you are... You actually say, what I want too tell my mate.... WYS

4 years ago

Imani Grant

Dis is my jam

4 years ago

Geenah Valentine

My JAM..

5 years ago

joseph guidry

The auto tune is just for effect..we know B doesnt need this joint...

5 years ago

Tawasha Walker

Wonderful song, very memorable & melancholy!!

5 years ago

corey84douglass .

auto tune brian mcknight ... wow !

5 years ago

shakes jg

Seen Brian live last year. One guy, two Guitars, a piano and a keyboard and it was by far one of the best shows I've EVER seen! True talent!!!!

5 years ago

Brother J

Very nice song..

5 years ago


20 yrs of top-quality music... one hell of a voice... fantastic songwriter + musician.... intelligent... articulate... humorous... handsome (laaaawd..the water scene at 1:46 !!).. - That man's a 10, by all means

5 years ago

Joao Conceiçao

the king!

5 years ago


He sang this in concert the other day at foxwoods and I had to find it!! He kills this song it sounds even better in concert! LOVE LOVE LOVE this and to think i wasnt a fan. He won me over.

5 years ago


I love this song makes me think about the person i love....

5 years ago

DJNLana Jafarova

This song means happiness! Thanks Brian for such a wonderful song <3

6 years ago


this is a really amazing song! so sad that its being slept on

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