Brian Mcknight - Could video free download

Duration: 04:28
Uploaded: 2009/06/21

Brian Mcknight - Could

I also made the pictures in the video

For The Girl That I Love With All My Heart And Want For My Own..

I Love You Baby..


3 years ago

Julius Burchett

Great song. May be favorite by Brian Mcknight.

4 years ago

Benedicta Adjei

KING Harvey...could you be the one for me.. i love dis song?

4 years ago

Simonia Abrahams

trip down memory lane, cold chills! crazy about this song since forever! beautiful, touching.

4 years ago


demn i was soo in love.....old skool lovin!

4 years ago

lavern shaw

In My moods

4 years ago

Eric Kennedy

Besides Misty by Donnie Hathaway... This is the most beautiful song I have heard... AWESOME!!!

4 years ago


Well....It's a toss up between Brian McKnight and Charlie Wilson. Both are gods.

4 years ago

Ny Andry Rudy ROBSELL

this guy is incredible!!!!!! he is the best artist of all time!!! i love all songs of brian mcknight!! (y)

4 years ago

Christina Collins

OMG... take me... back into time. So in love with this song and the memories that come with it!! <3 <3 

5 years ago


This Guy is BRILLIANT...............

5 years ago

Hiley Brantley

Greatest artist ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's very rare when you can find an artist that you could relate to. I've been listening to Brian McKnight since his first album and there's a song i can always relate to. Even his break up songs are great!!!!

5 years ago

genxfrog simply "wow"

5 years ago


No he covered Brians' song. This was made in 94 I think.

5 years ago

Sheila Bell

Loooooove this song.. I Love Brian McKnight

5 years ago


Really nice song.....Always reminds me of snow falling, end of year and my frosted heart.

5 years ago

Lady Shakur

; ii fxckknn lovee thiisx sonqq ..

5 years ago


All your uploads are amazing... im 24 and have never heard any of these songs O_O man I been living under a freaking rock

5 years ago


he should be more famous

5 years ago

sean brevoort

thanks alot for uploading it i love the cd that the song was apart of and it is one of my favorite songs of his

5 years ago

Stephanie Burgess


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