Brian McKnight - Back At One (Live In Brasil) (-2oo1-) video free download

Duration: 03:59
Uploaded: 2009/02/11

the atmosphere, while singing his best track ever , by using just a gitarre is just amazing, incredible how talented this man is...njoi' this !-.-!


2 years ago

Mauricio Albano

Just in the nick of tiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (morto feat. enterrado) iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.

2 years ago

gerson bezerra

maior cantor de todos os tempos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 years ago


OK. WHO IS THE GUITARIST ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE SCREEN?! HIS PLAYING IS JUST PHENOMENAL ... I always thought it was McKnight but all those fills, and really the main parts are played by this amazing guitarist.

2 years ago

ketlyn mantovani

My country *-*

2 years ago

Iris andangels

Brian McKnight - Back At One (Live In Brasil) (2oo1)++Laid back, and romantic for tonight.

2 years ago


lol @ the girl sitting awkwardly

2 years ago

Ryan James Baliza

This is the best ever! Thanks, Brian!

3 years ago

Ana Paula C. Barros

Lindo D ++++++++ assim eu me apaixono facinho!

3 years ago


Does anyone remember the name of the show this was on? and what channel?

3 years ago


lindo--sem comparação vocês são os melhores da música popular

3 years ago

z Flaky


3 years ago

Thyago Costa

muito linda essa musicaaa ele é o cara

3 years ago

Ben Ben

He sings whith a pure crytal voice he has never sung. Best Upper Sound 

3 years ago


wow classic his voice is from God

3 years ago

James Cho


3 years ago


Soulful voice ...thumbs up

3 years ago

Emmanuel Dechanez

Little Usher in the middle at 2.10... ;)

3 years ago

Frank Yousif

most ridiculous comment I've ever read! below by +tigerfanman 

3 years ago


its ok, but i think justin beiber has better vocals and better control, this guy is all over the place

4 years ago


'Back at One' - Lyo ft. Nyll

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