Bon Jovi - Rock You Like A Hurricane (Cover Scorpions) Live video free download

Duration: 02:03
Uploaded: 2011/06/14

bon jovi rock you like a hurricane cover scorpions live Munich, germany olympic stadium


2 years ago

Rogelio Martinez Romero

!!! Que tal un buen clásico mis queridos chav@s

3 years ago


Hey all negative bon jovi and richie sambora shit talkers for one richie can play more then one guitar he can play guitars from all brands of guitars made today . And 2 BON JOVI and Richie Sambora are the best number 1 those that think that they can do better fucken try it go on. If not Keep your fuckening mouth shut and listen to your gay ass justin bebier on

3 years ago

Alexander Rot

Richie is actually a really good guitarist and an awesome composer,who exactly know how to create music for his set of guitar skills.The diffrence is just that Matthias Jabs,is technically an even stronger guitar play and the solo,was written for him.

3 years ago

Jason LaFreniere

Just repeating the chorus. Blah blah blah....Another shit version butchering a legends song. For more laughs click on Sebastien Bach and Dee Sniders epic fail at this amazing song. After that click on rocks classiest The Scorpions, to see how they give a true effort and justice to the covers they do of other bands. The Scorpions: Rocks saddest best kept secret from North America!

3 years ago



4 years ago

Levani Ambroladze

Yo creo que no se puede comparar bon jovi y scorpions porque creo que los dos cantan en diferente estilo

4 years ago

Saad Emran

So many morons arguing, none can play a beat, none can play a scale, none can sing a note but they have all day long to say "he sucks/that band is better" or similar stuffs...:DGo learn an instrument and play this song from start to end, then come and argue...

4 years ago

jon francis sharkey bon


4 years ago

Man Sim

He sucks ... Scorpions version much better..!!

4 years ago

Juan Perez

Bon Jovi himself couldn't play for shit live. They had to stay backstage and watch the Scorpions play to learn form them. And everyone that says Bon Jovi is better than Scorpions are obviously stupid. Scorpions have been playing since 1965 and Bon Jovi started playing when bands like the Scorpions did all the hard work and made hard rock/heavy metal famous in countries that didn't even know what rock was.

4 years ago

Leudwig Van Beethoven

jajaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he dosent know the rest of the lyrics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

4 years ago

Roxana Nohelia Chagua Romero

Scorpions♥ Rules!!!!

4 years ago

Nefeli Greece

Sorry guys I don't care if u don't like it but plz RESPECT! As Bon Jovi respect Scorpions because they play in Germany. Just look at the crowd! It's amazing in my opinion, especially Richie's guitar cover

4 years ago

Yuri BJ

Scorpions sucks! Bon Jovi's version much better!!!

4 years ago

Alex Vogel

ooh, fuck... bon jovi sucks... he destroyed the song in front of a german crowd...

4 years ago

Chirayu Urs

Bon Jovi - Rock You Like A Hurricane (Cover Scorpions) Live

4 years ago


Well the scorpions did kinda mentor them a bit.

4 years ago

Ma Rie

yeeeah scorps my favourite band and bon jovi my second favorite band haha

4 years ago


you can listen to scorpion song million times but won't get bored but can't say that for mr bon jovi

4 years ago

Jacqueline Tan

but he sings a short he does not sing the full song

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