Black Knight - I'm On ft. Todd, Canon & Exoduz video free download

Duration: 04:27
Uploaded: 2012/10/30

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Black Knight - I'm On ft. Todd, Canon, & Exoduz

From Black Knight's album "The Break In" (10.29.2012(

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3 years ago

Willie Chatman

My boy Canon fomerly known as Spook killed his verse. He maybe the fastest christian rapper in the industry. 

3 years ago

Zach Wigboldy

Could anyone show some other songs/projects from Todd or Exoduz?

3 years ago

Hungry Prodigy

Canon, enough said.

3 years ago

D Bryant

***THUMBS UP***very nice use of beats. very creative.

3 years ago


Owwweeee, got me buzzing.

3 years ago

Billy Murphy

Fastest rap ever

3 years ago

Latiniron Beatz

Respect,, Brother

3 years ago

joe wawes

they did killl this...

3 years ago

Austin Bennett

this is the first song ive ever heard Todd in, and i gotta say. i am HIGHLY impressed

3 years ago

Thea Charles

I love this! I love rap music more than the slower ones (but I still love worship songs), so instead of listening to worldly rap music, I completely turned to gospel rap. The message is so much better!

3 years ago

Original Potato Minecraft

didnt they say sh-t a few times in this song?

4 years ago

Rogelio Velasquez

Todd killed it!!!! 

4 years ago

Joost van Dijk

This song is almost an exact copie of Look At Me Now from Chris Brown.. was that the mening of the song?? however.. i like it :p

4 years ago

Joe Coudriet

Which one is fast rapping???

4 years ago


Cannon verse is SICKKKKKKKK

4 years ago

Elisabeth Kemper

I LOVE the beats and the rapping of this song!!!!!! Uh......ya, killed it!

4 years ago


His songs are so good

4 years ago

Kid Keese

Canon's verse smh

4 years ago

Anna Shears

Awsome they killed it=-O=-O=-O

4 years ago

thalia Justo

They killing it

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