Ben Folds - The Luckiest (cover) video free download

Duration: 04:31
Uploaded: 2007/06/08

My acoustic rendition of The Luckiest by Ben Folds


2 years ago

Anna Doughty

This is so good! I know this was made a super long time ago but if you still post videos, I'd love to see a tutorial on how to play. I'm trying to learn. This is my favorite song. :) 

2 years ago


guitar rendition is so good.... sounds like the notes of the piano rendition... very good

3 years ago

Brent Douglas

Great job man :)

5 years ago


awesome cover. been trying to find a good tab for this but i think your rendition is the best on guitar

6 years ago

Ben Pentecost

@Alley228 Music that's out of tune and grungy and not well recorded is the besttttt (and thats not sarcasm...I love dirty music)

8 years ago


can you tell me the chord progression you use

8 years ago


this was beautifullll you sang it absolutely beautifully .

8 years ago


Ignore the idiots, this is not an easy song to sing at all and you did a nice job

8 years ago


ted you're a wank. his voice is great.. i liked it... fucken hate perfect inhuman voices...

8 years ago


great guitar, but i have too agree you voice is out of tune, granted i couldnt do much better :-P anyway link a tab for this it rox :-)

8 years ago

Patrick O'Brien

shut up lets see you do better

8 years ago


Where'd you get the tab for this? It's awesome!

8 years ago

will harrington

dont over do the singin hold a note dont try to to use verbrato other than that nice job 5 stars

8 years ago


marry her ? :D

8 years ago


I would also love the tabs for this.. it looks like d a d a few e shaped bar chords and a G but I would love to know whats going on =)

8 years ago


could you send me your tabs for this and the strumming pattern you use?!?! I am a beginner and have no idea haha...and it's hard to see in the video! thanks

9 years ago


you sound more like Rivers Cuomo than Ben Folds, but this is nice

9 years ago


This is wonderful! Do you share tabs? I would love a copy to learn. =)))

9 years ago

Chris Viggiano

keep rockin it

9 years ago


Amazing man, I didnt know this song could be done on guitar. you sang it well too, though just a little rough in points. screw the people who gave you a bad review those losers couldnt do better.

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