Ben Folds - Sleazy (Ke$ha Cover) video free download

Duration: 03:51
Uploaded: 2011/05/03

Behind the scenes video clips of a studio session recording our cover of Ke$ha's Sleazy.

Video produced by Ryan Lerman.

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3 years ago

Rachel Butler

Pure unadulterated greatness.

3 years ago


This made me cum.

3 years ago

R.J. Lupin

"I don't need you and your brand new Benz, or your bourgie friends:" Ben Folds sets Kesha's "Sleazy" to beautiful music. Enjoy a laugh, and enjoy the music.

3 years ago

Kellye Gallant

Musicians are inspired by other music. I wish people would get over whatever the figgity fuck is possessing then to say "oh, this cover sucks" or "that guy copied this song" Call a WHAMBULENCE

3 years ago

Sarah Saccomanno

As soon as he said "circlejerk" I just felt really awkward....

3 years ago

Albert Mansour

I fap all night to this song too!! Fap, fap, fap!!!

3 years ago

Julia Zick

Hashbrown selfie ;)

3 years ago

Emma Ah

I love Ben but I don't understand why he mocked this song. It earned Kesha a huge amount of respect in the urban music community. It was so well received she's the only white woman to appear alone on the cover of Vibe magazine. He mocked a song considered excellent in it's genre. It's annoying when musicians are narrow-minded about other genres. It's good she had a sense of humor about it because she and Ben wrote Past Lives together which is one of her best songs. So good came out of bad.

4 years ago

Lucien Dinan

Omg I'm speechless

4 years ago

Dianna Stevens

Better than the original. 

4 years ago

Adam Prenger


4 years ago

annie wilson

Ben folds I love youlol rat a tat tat on yo dum dum drum the beat so fat gonna make you cum

4 years ago

therrneng Hwang

this is good

4 years ago


His cover of Bitches Ain't Shit is fantastic.

4 years ago

Shay Moore

This song reminds me of The Super Secret Project on YouTube, check them out

4 years ago


Obvi Ke$ha's was the best, but this is FANTASTIC.

4 years ago


ben fold's music makes me so happy :) I hope I can meet him one day.

4 years ago


The original was a little better imo

4 years ago

Kesha Sebert

It's sooooo good !

4 years ago

Sarah Niemann


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