Ben Folds - Not the Same (Live - Conan, 2001) video free download

Duration: 04:52
Uploaded: 2013/03/29

Ben Folds on Conan O'Brien

November 22, 2001


3 years ago

RedYellow Blue

Seriously, what a great find. It's funny, because Rockin the Suburbs is probably Ben's biggest solo album, but there's so little to find when it comes to videos from that era. This, my friends, is from the final few years before the world went viral. Before every TV appearance, live show, and radio spot was immortalized on the internet. Just a few years later, Ben would grow his hair out and put on those black glasses he's known for. This is a neat little look into his transition from BFF to BF solo. This made my day´╗┐

4 years ago

Sam Stewart

3:50 lol

4 years ago


Thanks for putting this up. Ben Folds is amazing

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