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Duration: 04:06
Uploaded: 2009/10/25

Music video by Ben Folds performing Landed. (C) 2004 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT


3 years ago


This is a song that resonated with me a few years ago, long before I'd even heard of terms such as borderline/narcissistic personality disorder, the mens rights movement or mgtow.

3 years ago

dustin henry

i remember this was my first song i ever herd in my life sence i was 2 years old

3 years ago


I'm pretty sure this song was in some really intense movie scene or something but I can't figure out where I've heard it before...

3 years ago

RedYellow Blue

I wonder if he's still friendly with Frally, the mother of his kids. This guy has been married (and divorced) four times, Frally being his third. She's in this video. There's something about her I always found interesting, alluring in a way.

3 years ago


Latent Ben Folds fan here. Don't know why, but I see (or hear, I guess) a similarity to Bill Joel. Make any sense?

3 years ago

Grop Rock Videos

One of the best melodic songwriters of all time, no question. Just a tremendous musical talent. The guy kills me with the otherworldly, lush minor key stuff. If this doesn't get to you, you may have hearing damage. 

3 years ago

Toshiaki Mouri

Ben Folds - LandedGood Day! G+Friends:))

3 years ago


Songs aren't supposed to make guys in their late 40s cry like a little bitch. Damn you Ben Folds

3 years ago


Okay, So Ben folds, but the iPhone 6 bends. Can't beat that.

3 years ago

Elisa T

Just on the off chance you're unfamiliar with Ben Folds.

3 years ago

Arya Satya Nugraha

Is it fair if I state that Ben Fold is the modern version of Elton John? Cause both of them are equally damn talented!!

3 years ago

Brady Baumhower

I've landed...

3 years ago

Stanley Green

I remember listening to this song on a plane from Jackson, MS on a rainy day on Jan 15, 2006. The album had just came out, and I had just ended a 7 year relationship, in which I was the bad guy for the last 3 years of the relationship. My final destination, Parris Island, SC. Though things never turned around, I headed for the west coast and then over seas(Japan). Maybe this song is why I found peace in a strange land? Either way, I always find solidarity in this track.

3 years ago

Andre E

I was intrudced to Ben Folds recently and I am hooked. 

3 years ago

Guitar Girl

This is my favorite song :)

3 years ago

Brian Hartman


3 years ago

jyrill Ballesteros

Newest comment.

4 years ago

Jon Miller

This song is incredibly personal for me, having "landed" almost 5 years ago myself. Such a flood of emotions every time I hear it. 

4 years ago

Trevor Tower

3:14 is purely cathartic

4 years ago

Jimmy Watson

Ricky Gervais' old XFM shows landed me here.

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