Ben Folds - In Between Days video free download

Duration: 02:55
Uploaded: 2009/06/21

Ben Folds - In Between Days,

Supersunny speedgraphic the LP


3 years ago

-lagid Popp

Nice as the original.

4 years ago

Linda McCafferty

Way better than the original.

5 years ago


20 years ago, I would have said anyone covering this song...or ANY Cure...would be blasphemous. However, I love Ben's music. And he made this song even more fun. BOLLUX, Ben Folds!!! :)

5 years ago

Pearl Howell

I love the Cure. I love Ben Folds. I think both are great, but they are also really different.

5 years ago


I really like this song played on the piano. Ben is so talented, and he did this song justice.

6 years ago


Great version, Ben!!!

6 years ago


@Burnsie2012 OK then.

6 years ago

Brandon Pletcher

Dislike bar is like a ninja, Its there, You just cant see it....

6 years ago

chaz benevolence

its ok, it made me want to listen to the original though.

7 years ago


This is how you realize that The Cure is a such a shitty band. By listening any cover, of any of their songs, it's always better than the original !

7 years ago


@17bArawata agree...but both are definitely great. Robert Smith wrote it, but i love the piano version. The Cure i hlaf my life story tho lol

7 years ago

lottie e

i love this song... and ben folds hasnt killed it. some people would've... ILOVE HEEEEM <3

8 years ago


YEEAAAHHH!!!!! Such a good cover by such a good proformer!!!!!

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