Ben Folds - Hiro's Song (Live at V2001) video free download

Duration: 04:41
Uploaded: 2006/12/15

Ben Folds plays Karaoke Supernova (aka Hiro's Song) at V2001


4 years ago


I like it.

5 years ago

Ariel Martinez

Ben folds waved at me!! I nearly died

5 years ago


This was the first festival I ever went to. I must have been young and stupid because I chose to see whoever else was on at the same time. Finally 11 years later I've made sure I have my tickets for their December tour nice and early! Thanks for posting :-)

6 years ago


Fantastic rock tune, and now the demo is on Ben's new album (best of)... fab

6 years ago


@W3LSH100 : The melody of both songs seem very similar, although Ben's version is obviously much more upbeat and both contain a Hiro and a Yuko. Blur's song is on an album called "The Great Escape" which, in a nutshell, is a concept album about mid-life crisis and desperate attempts to feel young, which is basically what Hiro in Ben's version is suffering from. I would be so shocked if Ben's song wasn't inspired by Blur.

6 years ago


If there is any connection i think the blur song "yuko and hiro" is much better.

7 years ago


I love this song! I bought this CD and still listen today.

7 years ago


Damn...Ben Folds, Millard Powers, AND Snuzz on the same stage. Oh, what I'd give for a time machine so I could see that in person.

7 years ago


this is from the dance game called Bust a Groove, it's the character Hiro's song (Karaoke Supernova)

7 years ago


so its like he took the themes in yuko and hiro by blur and elaborated, made his own narrative to. unless yuko and hiro are names that are from some other narrative or something in Japanese culture. can anyone elaborate if they know?

8 years ago

Gregory Engle

I think it's from the Japanese version of Rockin the Suburbs

8 years ago


you can tell these guys are really talented musicians the way they can make something so simple sound so good and play it with such, for lack of a better word, flair without having to show off.

8 years ago


A globular performance by one Ben Folds

8 years ago


I just discovered this song not too long ago, despite listening to Ben for years (and having 100+ of his songs). It's now one of my favorites.

8 years ago


Goodness, this is one of his songs I will always love, and will always know the words to, no matter how long I've not listen to it.

8 years ago


i thought it was called hiro's song?

9 years ago


I love that Ben is still rocking the red pants. This song rules- thanks for posting.

9 years ago


THats Millard from Counting Crows on bass and Jim from Counting Crows on drums. This is awesome! Great song!

9 years ago

Paul Moity

Hiro is sick..People should dare to venture away from the shit the radio stations spew forth and check out some real music

9 years ago


haha "I left my family for a secratery" lol

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