Ben Folds Five - Underground video free download

Duration: 04:10
Uploaded: 2009/08/01

Early TV appearance. Maybe 1st ever? Definitely the 1st time I saw/heard Mr. Folds. All my friends jaws were on the floor. Still are.


3 years ago

Margot Hackett

I heard that song on a CMJ compilation. I laughed my respective ass off at that song. so smart and so funny. What late night show is that? Guessing SNL or Letterman, perhaps late night with Jools Holland? Anyway, thanks for sharing!

4 years ago

Hayden Lueck

Ben Folds is really great. I love watching his live performances, he always keeps them interesting.

4 years ago

masaki sasamoto

We were never cool in school!!!

4 years ago


3:50 So smooth!

5 years ago

Doogie Lindsay

Ben Folds ROCKS!!!

5 years ago

Andrew Solway

they sound GREAT!!!

5 years ago

Julia Hutchinson

Saw them live tonight in Brixton, London... Musical effing perfection!

5 years ago

CALLEY jones

LOVE HIS VOICE and writing! Awesome

5 years ago

Karrie Suchanski

LOve them............

5 years ago

Brendan Blanchette

I think this might blow your mind more. Look up "Erase Me"

5 years ago


The Sound of the Life of the Mind! the Five are back in 12 days!

5 years ago

Shane Remington

Love me some BFF.... Just chatting with +Loren Feldman about knowing Ben and Robert in high school and college

5 years ago

Nancy Galletta

Happy these guys are coming out with a new album in September YAY!

5 years ago


Diggin' the new BFF Do it Anyway single. Ben is one of my favorite artists to see live.

5 years ago

Matt Norton

Saw them twice in the late 90's in the UK & they were unbelievably tight on both tours. Undergroung was never my favourite, but this performance is outstanding. Can't wait for Manchester in November ....rolling back the years!!!

6 years ago


no piano smash ??? :(

6 years ago

Mark Hawkins

for first (if not close) this is brilliant.

6 years ago


I love the flower sticker on the bass :)

6 years ago


@ShatterproofmusicTM they're back in the studio together, should release new stuff in the spring, and they're playing at bonaroo

6 years ago



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