Ben Folds Five - Magic (live) video free download

Duration: 04:10
Uploaded: 2010/01/06

Ben Folds Five - Magic (live)


3 years ago

Steven Norman

Greetings and salutations dear friend.

4 years ago

Matt Marshall

I cry every time.

5 years ago


my fave darren jessee song

5 years ago


Everyone has a brown eyed girl this goes out to.

5 years ago

Kristie Waterfield


5 years ago

Sam Cooper

If any of you are unfamiliar, you should check out Darren Jessee's acoustic demo of this song. It's fantastic.

6 years ago


Simply amazing performance. Probably my favorite song from these so talented folks.

6 years ago

Jon Turner

This is a really good performance. I had no idea Darren had written it. Spellbinding!!

6 years ago


this song is really hard to handle sometimes if youve lost someone to an illness by the way thank god darren wrote this...if ben wrote this song I don't think my heart could handle it...he's too good of a song writer as it is man

6 years ago

Chuck Walsh

one of my all time favorite songs and my favorite song by ben folds five. so simple but so beautiful.

6 years ago


@malikat82 Yep, mine too, although it's just ahead of 'Fair'.

7 years ago


absolutely beautiful. Probably my FAVORITE song

7 years ago

Meaghan Stewart

this is my favourite ben folds five song. thank you. XD

7 years ago


Hey, this is not Megadeth - Five Magics ,wtf?! xD

7 years ago


uiiiiiiiiiiiii .... <3

7 years ago

Revathy Radhakrishnan

Awesome! Thanks :)

7 years ago


Such a beautiful song. It will always be one of my favorites.

8 years ago


This is Freaking Out right? Thanks so much for putting it up.

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