Ben Folds Five - Erase Me (Live) video free download

Duration: 05:17
Uploaded: 2013/04/17

Ben Folds Five on Conan.

This song's pretty freakin' awesome. You can find their performance of draw a crowd on my channel. :D


3 years ago


Ben is the master of the breakup song. All kinds. Furious. Reflective. Regretful. Sarcastic. I guess he's been through a few, too.

4 years ago

Caleb Kruse

They sound almost exactly the same as on their cd.

4 years ago

Kyle S.

Amazing. These guys must rehearse like motherfuckers.

4 years ago


Such a talented group--great hit song!

5 years ago


I'm suprised Ben actually sat in his piano chair, he usually stands, knees bent... I try to do that when I play piano, to be kewl like him...

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