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Track 1 on Ben Folds 'Best Imitation of My Self' CD.

This song came from Ben Folds Five's 2nd Album 'Whatever and Ever Amen' it was released as a single in 1998 and peaked at 26 in the UK charts, 6 in the US Modern and 11 in the US AC. This song is written about when his girlfriend got an abortion and about how Ben and his girlfriend felt.

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6 am day after Christmas

I throw some clothes on in

The dark

The smell of cold

Car seat is freezing

The world is sleeping and

I am numb

Up the stairs to her apartment

She is balled up on the couch

Her mom and dad went down

To Charlotte

They're not home to find us


And we drive

Now that I have found someone

I'm feeling more alone

Than I ever have before


She's a brick and I'm drowning


Off the coast and I'm headed


She's a brick and I'm drowning


They call her name at 7:30

I pace around the parking lot

Then I walk down to buy her


And sell some gifts that I got

Can't you see

It's not me you're dying for

Now she's feeling more alone

Than she ever has before

Repeat Chorus

As weeks went by

It showed that she was not fine

They told me son it's time

To tell the truth

And she broke down and I broke


'cuz I was tired of lying

Driving back to her apartment

For the moment we're alone

She's alone

And I'm alone

Now I know it

Repeat Chorus til end

Ben Folds talks about Brick:


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Man this song brings me back to 1997

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비슷한 시기그 때쯤 그 노래.Brick - #Ben_Folds 

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