Ben Folds Five - "Birds" (HQ) video free download

Duration: 02:09
Uploaded: 2011/06/27

Bonus track from the Japanese release of the album "The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner", released 1999.


3 years ago

Peter Salerno

Does anyone know what kind of piano that is? It is also used on leather jackets. Thanks´╗┐

4 years ago


call yourself a fan ?? you ought to be asham......... blah bla bla...only joking.. i bought both cd singles of army when released in the u.k...this was a joy xx

5 years ago


What took me soooo long to find this song? Love it! and Leather Jacket too. Spanks 4 posting!

5 years ago


I have it as the B-side to Army. Cool

5 years ago


tickle me elmo

5 years ago

Lucas Hutchinson

The only reason I found it was cuz I read the wiki for the CD

5 years ago

Lee Whitaker

This also represents my exact feelings on the matter!

6 years ago

Sam Cummins

never heard this before!! from a hardcore ben folds/bff fan, i am truly surprised! love this track...good shit

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