Ben Folds Five - Barrytown video free download

Duration: 03:50
Uploaded: 2010/03/18

Steely Dan cover from the "Me, Myself & Irene" soundtrack


3 years ago

Stuart Inman

If you cover up the left side of Jim Carrey's face... nightmare fuel.

4 years ago

Tommy Haynes

This cover is better than the original

4 years ago

Velia Baldus

Because Smashmouth is awful?

4 years ago

Amanda Yawn

What's the song called where hank is crying and it's a sad song

4 years ago

Brandon Kratkoczki

This was their last recording together before the reunion.

5 years ago

John Wright

Its a great allegory to war and how people are talked down to in the military.

6 years ago

Slip Maskin

@garbagepailrejects Got the same problem man! Wan't to listen to it so badly!

6 years ago


Great cover of a Steely Dan song about bigotry

7 years ago

kevin carlow

I think it's the best Dan cover aside from Joe Jackson's "King of the World", and I'm not even a BFF fan per se.

7 years ago

julio martinez

the movie was filled with steely dan covers

7 years ago


Why can't I find Smash Mouth's cover of "Do it Again" anywhere? Did I just imagine it's on the soundtrack?!

7 years ago


the movie has such great unique songs.. it really fits the movie! :)

7 years ago


I agree with the other comment 100% ambitious to cover steely Dan. Ben folds five filled an in-between space around '95, '96 I welcomed it

7 years ago


I've never been able to warm up to Ben Folds' bland voice. Still, this a great choice of song to cover, and the band is ace. Thanks for posting.

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