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Uploaded: 2012/09/13

Track 9 on the Ben Folds Five Album 'The Sound of the Life of the Mind'.

This album is due to be released on the 18th September 2012.


Dad I know you were sad when you died

And I was young it's the way I kept you in my mind

The mess that was left and my mother cried

And when she stood up she was nobody's mother I'd be fine

But I missed you then

And I miss you now

Liked you'd missed things I might say

You're still lost in clouds

but I'm older now

I can see through lifting haze

That you were away even when you were here

Sometimes a phrase or a manner that's you

Comes through me, it goes in a flash

It's a frame, it's a blink like life

Oh and how much now should we pay for the past

Cause you could age with grace if I freed you in my mind

But I loved you then

And I love you now

All the things I wished I'd asked

When I'm lost in clouds

I remember how

I was robbed and I was blessed

And you were away even when you were here

Cause it's not about you, not you, anymore

It's about what I'd do with it all

And I, I'll never let you let me down

This morning I wake to be older than you were

Fresh white snow for miles, every footstep will be mine

You'd have lost that weight, you'd have gone so straight

You'd have made my wedding day

You'd have saved my youth from that point of truth

You'd have kept those wolves at bay

But you were away, you were away even when you were

(Please point out if I have made any errors)


4 years ago

CT Gyrl

A couple lyric corrections:...You seemed lost in clouds but I'm older now...And,...You'd have saved my youth from that bullet of truth...Such a beautiful song! Thanks for posting :-) 

4 years ago

Paul O'Brian

I think it's "You seemed lost in clouds" rather than "You're still lost in clouds."

4 years ago


aw, so sad. it seems to be a kind of sequel to 'missing the war' form the second album. I like the lighter retrospective in this one, he obviously wrote it on the morning he became older than his father used to be. sounds like he's forgiven him. such a touching song.

4 years ago


This songs has a great Marshall Crenshaw-worthy chorus. One of BFF's best. Sky High is still the star of the album.

4 years ago


This song is still growing on me, feel like i'm gonna end up like Stephen King in Creepshow.

4 years ago


This song is magic. LOVE the piano!

4 years ago


My dads not dead, but I think I'll sing this at his funeral

5 years ago


Listening to the album for the first time, I thought 'Sky High' was beautiful and powerful, and then along comes this song. Wow. Fantastic song, album, and band.

5 years ago


I can't get through this song without tearing up. That verse after the bridge is so powerful, it just hits me right in the feels.

5 years ago


I love everything about this song - it might be the best on the album. Darren's drumming is so in the pocket, and the fills are just right - not too much or too little. the strings fill out the track nicely, Ben's solo during the bridge...AHHHH so good. And the lyrics are emotionally powerful. Ben always writes damn good bridges. And vocal melodies. And lyrics. And everything. AND it leads into one of the saddest songs ever

5 years ago

kate hargreaves

For anyone who has lost a Dad - or any signficant elder, or even someone who was influential, for good or bad - this is surely one of the most beautifully raw and true tributes to the pain of unresolved loss.

5 years ago


this song is incredible...

5 years ago

Nick Intro

Awesome album man keep it up

5 years ago


Only lyric mistake I could find was 'footstep WILL be mine' - thanks for the upload, incredible song and beautiful lyrics.

5 years ago

MaskOfShale .

This guy is amazing...Look at those Lyrics.Still the best

5 years ago

Eve Styles

very sad and lovely

5 years ago


Sometimes Ben Folds Five sounds like Son Ambulance to me... Although Ben Folds Five is on a whole different level. They're really amazing.

5 years ago


My goodness... What an epic way to put to musical and lyrical wonder what I've thought about my own father's passing for several years now. But all is forgiven and forgotten, and he's up in Heaven with the Lord now and he knows and is at peace.

5 years ago


So amazing, I just love this song.

5 years ago

yoshi sin


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