Ben Folds - Doctor My Eyes video free download

Duration: 03:12
Uploaded: 2010/11/21

Ben Folds covered this song for some movie. Its a pretty standard cover. But I couldn't find it on youtube so I'm posting it.


5 years ago


This doesn't improve on the original or even take it in another direction, but the way he recorded and performed might have fit the movie better.

5 years ago


Go home, one guy. You don't even go here.

5 years ago


1 person is really stupid

5 years ago


I love that movie!

6 years ago

David Abu Laith

As much as I love Ben Folds, I found this version... 'adequate'. I feel like he excels when he takes a cover in more of his own direction (eg - B*****s aint S**t by Dr. Dre). Check out his complete overhaul of 'She Don't Use Jelly' by the Flaming Lips to hear what I mean.

6 years ago

Michael A

Check out Ben folds five stuff.

6 years ago

James Bluesman

This was on the soundtrack on THE BANGER SISTERS

6 years ago

Donovan Prestella

Who's Ben Folds?

7 years ago


Thanks for posting. :)

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